Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring is here & we're lovin' it!!!

I haven't posted many pics of the kids recently because I wanted to focus our blog on Ruth this month, but they are growing up so fast, here is a few from the last 2 months.

Thanks everyone for writing to ABC for Ruth & Bethesda Int'l in Uganda!!
(see previous post) Now we just sit, wait, and pray for that phone call!

I also just wanted to recap all the glorious things God has done for Ruth and Bethesda Int'l. since Brandi started the well campaign and we dedicated the month of April to praying for Bethesda International!!! We only have 48 more kids to sponsor to reach our goal of 120!

1. Raised $5,000 to dig a well at Rapha School in Uganda to bring clean water to over 250 school children, foster families, teachers, farm animals and the Rapha community!!!

2. Raised enough money, so far, to pay for 72 children's tuition and uniforms for a semester

3. Inspired a young girl to have a birthday party and request her friends to bring school supplies for the Rapha school children instead of buying her gifts
4. Inspired a woman from England ( who found our blog on accident) to give generously to Ruth and Bethesda Int'l as well as continue to raise funds through various creative fundraisers, one being a handbag party!!!

5. My sister bought a ton of crafts and school supplies and shipped them to Uganda!

6. Several friends of ours Lorenzen's, Littletons, Alonso's posted about Ruth on their blogs which brought much more exposure to Ruth and her ministry

7. Ran with the idea of the ABC extreme makeover: Africa style and asked people to write letters! The same girl who is having a birthday party has now asked her teacher if their class can write letters to ABC, and they are!!

8. At the same time of Ruth's campaign, Brandi launched KidsLake which has helped kids raise money for Rapha School! Check out their site!!

9. My friends mother came over tonight with a check for Ruth's home situation! Tks Chris!

10. There will be more to come!!!


Brandi said...

Yes!!! We still have money yet to be turned in for the month of April too! We have no clue how much Jake's class has raised or other schools. . .I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Hopefully, they'll remember to email or donate tomorrow!

Love you guys and your sweet pics of those stinkin' cute kiddos!


julie said...

love the updated pictures. brandi is a little go-getter, isn't she? that is so awesome that all those students were sponsored....wonderful!

Johnson said...

I love it! All of it!

{B} said...

Hello! This is Brit, Andy's wife. He was just so excited the he met you guys at the aquarium. Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog...I am excited to keep up with your process for Uganda! Maybe we can all get together sometime???

Brandi said...

COOL new header! Did you design it yourself?