Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad blogger....Bad!!

I'm really surprised that I have ANY followers at all to this blog! I have never been great at keeping up with our blog, but lately I've just been plain horrible!!! Sorry everyone, and thanks for sticking around even though it's been a bit lame-o this summer. It's not like a ton of life, fun, challenges, and celebrations haven't been happening. In fact we have been swirling in a whirlwind of activity all summer. We've enjoyed family vacations with Jeff's family and mine, had dinners with friends, laughed till we cried while celebrating birthdays, and moved into a new house!! We have been home from Uganda since April but it feels like the days and weeks have flown by too quickly. Our kids are growing up so fast and we're already beginning to think about our journey back to Uganda in October (we think). God has been SO good to us!! He has lavished us with His love!! We get to share life with the most amazing, loving people. We were able to go on vacation with our families, and God blessed us with a new house!!
Here's some pictures from the highlights of our summer!!
Our new house!! We had a kid sleepover on our first night in the new house!! It's such a blessing to have more room and have friends over!! Our trip to Michigan...including a trip to my dad's cabin in Canada. O fishin' with Uncle Phil! Grandpa hiking with Fatu and Osobie

Visiting with friends!!

Grandma took us blueberry picking while we were in South Haven at a beach house!South Haven, MI. sun, sand, and diving into the waves!! We had a blast!
Grammie and Fatu!!
Auntie Meeks and the girls put on a Barbie's fashion show! They had a red ribbon for the Barbie's to walk down and played Yanni on the CD player!
Lunch with Great Grandpa Weber (92 yrs. old!!) and Grandma Eleanor!!
Thanks for a great time together!

Mekay and I cleaned out my mom's garage for a surprise.. took us all day!
The big reveal--Garage Makeover!!!
Great Grandma Thieme at 97 yrs. old!!! The kids love her and copy her sayings like, "Oh my stars and oh, me, oh my"! It was too cute!

Dinner at our good friends the Rowlands! RIBS = LOVE and happy kids!!

Vacation in Steamboat Springs with Jeff's family!!

Lunch at the Alpine slide with Grandma and Grandpa B!Alpine slide with Aunt Linda, Uncle Brian, and cousin Kyle!!

Fishin' on the lake!! Celebrating as a family!!