Monday, September 6, 2010


This is about 1 month overdue!! I meant to update sooner but our life has been too busy!! ugh..

THANK YOU for voting for our friends entry in a competition to win a huge breakfast for the kids at Rapha School in Jinja, Uganda,through Bethesda International. They ended up in the top 10 finalists which is amazing. They didn't "win" the competition, but God did something even better! Below are emails sent to me from Susanne, the lady in Germany that supports Bethesda International in Jinja, Uganda. I have never met her but we know one another because of our shared love for Uganda and Bethesda International kiddos!! She started an NGO in Germany that supports Bethesda International through child sponsorship and various other projects. Dear Katie,

here come the good news about the "breakfast of your life"-competition. We came in as one of the 10 finalists in the competition. We did not win one of the three breakfasts worth 5.000 Euru. Instead, they decided to donate 3.000 Euro to our NGO Bulungi e. V. , completely independently from the competition.

On the day when the competition ended we had already received a 3.000 Euro donation from a donor that was completely unknown to us so far.

All in all we received 6.000 Euro, can you believe it? This equals about 7,900 Dollars.!!!

Before I enrolled us to participate in the competition I asked Jesus whether he would be with us and help us. He didn't say anything, but after I had asked the question I knew 100% that he would be with us and that we would one way or another get the money we needed for the children. If not by winning, then in other ways, as God' s ways are sometimes different from what we think or imagine.

It was a miracle that we finally ranked among the top ten. We had made it only in the very last hour of the competition, at a time when most other participants obviously thought the competition was already over, because it was past midnight already and the competition was to end at midnight. However, because of the time difference of European summer and winter time, the competition ended one our after midnight, of which many participants were not aware. This one hour helped us to get from rank 13 to rank 7.

Anyway, on Wednesday the company announced their three winners and we were not among them. I was disappointed but I didn't doubt for a second that Jesus would not let us down but keep his "promise". So I wrote an e-mail to the company telling them about our project and the children in Uganda and also about the disappointment not to have been chosen as winners of the competition.

Yesterday (Thursday) I received the e-mail in which they were telling me they had decided to donate 3.000 Euro. We will use part of it for a really big feast at Rapha this very August and part of it will be used to begin with realizing the Bethesda vision of a children's village at Rapha Farm.

I know that it was our heavenly friend who helped us convince the company that they should donate us money. Praise and Thanks and Glory to Jesus!
Altogether the money we were donated in other ways was even more than what we would have won for the breakfast.

I can only say again that God is great!

Lots of Love and all the best from Germany,