Thursday, November 22, 2007


WOW..... here I am.....I'm alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO very sorry for being MIA....I have been MIM (Missing in Motherhood :)

It's been absolutely amazing, beautiful, fun, crazy, energy and joy filled, and hard to believe it's really happening!! It's also been challenging, tiring, scary, and hard. My first week home I was a zombie. I was so tired and out of it and fighting off a cold. My friend was praying for me and felt like she had a picture for me. She said she got a picture of me running a marathon and coming to the finish line only to find out that the finish line was the start of another marathon. This couldn't have been more true. After 3 weeks in Liberia fighting for our kids, riding this emotional roller coaster for 2 months and then picking up our kids...well, as you can imagine...I came home totally exhausted. I don't know what I would have done if my sister had not met me in Brussels to help me bring home the kids! Once we got home my cell phone died, our Internet was gone, and my husband was and is still at work in Uganda. BUT I have been SO blessed and supported here in Fort Collins!! Jeff and I have an unbelievable community of friends and family that have carried us through this whole journey and especially the last 2 weeks since Jeff has been gone. Our house was stocked with groceries, my friends and sis decorated the kids room with Welcome Home signs, and we have received cooked meals every night we have been home!!! WE ARE BLESSED!!!! I am so humbled by all the love, all the care, all the open arms of welcome for our kids! They are 2 kids who have been prayed for and loved by many people...YOU ALL!!

SO..... to all of you who have been with us through this whole thing....
I feel like words do not do justice for all that Jeff and I feel for you...
you have done so much for us and have been such a huge support for us...
we pray GOD would pour out His Love and blessing on all of you!!!!

Osobie and Fatu are doing great!! I have a million things to write and I don't know where to start....They are eating most everything I put in front of them, everything is "talking"...the microwave, the water, the stove, the coffee pot, etc.. They are characters for sure! They sing, dance, play the drums, and are always happy (well at least most of the time). They are very affectionate, extremely social, and of course very stubborn at times :)
It's quite amazing how God has knit our family together. Osobie and Fatu are our children! God has chosen them for us and it is as if they have been in our family from the beginning! We are so full of thanks!! I'll update more later...after Jeff comes home and we finally unite as a family!!

Now for some more pics!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Praise Jesus we are leaving today!!!! I cannot believe it's finally here!! It's been 3 weeks and it has been great to experience Liberia!! We finally got our second visa yesterday!!

Thanks for all the prayers!!

I have one more prayer request...and that is for safe journeys for us and the Krantz family that is flying AND prayer for my sister, Mekay. Mekay is flying to Brussels to meet me and help me take care of the kids on the flights home. What a trooper!! I am so relieved to have some help!! Please pray that our flights are not late, because we have a 5 hour window to connect with each other. I'm trusting GOD that He will make a way as He has done with everything so far.

Sorry I haven't blogged...I am a new mom to twins practically..that's all I have to say and I am sure you all understand. WOW!!! What would I do without coffee??? I have to admit it's been pretty hard, definitely harder than I thought, but I know as we adjust to each other and they understand what boundaries are we will have much fun together as a family. Jeff will be home in 3 weeks and I cannot wait for him to show up. They need their papa for sure, especially Osobie. He is itching to come home and quite lonely in Uganda by himself, but he has plenty of work to keep him busy. He continues to need prayer as he works hard these next 3 weeks!!

I will post some photos when I get home and recover from jet lag.

Big ole' heaps of God's love to you all!!
Katie, Osobie and Fatu