Monday, April 7, 2008


Hi all...I said I would update on answered prayers and happenings with our friend
Ruth and Bethesda International . Well, here goes! Thanks to my friend and fellow adoptive mama, Brandi, we are building a well for Ruth's school!

*for anyone that wants to read about Ruth & Bethesda Int'l please go to my previous post!

As many of you read, Ruth, the founder of Bethesda International-Uganda is caring for orphans & abandoned children through her orphanage and foster families. Bethesda believes that every child should have a home, food, clothing, love and care, and an opportunity to go to school.

Ruth has also established Rapha Community Primary School that cares for and educates 264 children that would otherwise never be able to receive an education. Rapha School is located deep in the bush far away from paved roads and schools. Rapha School is the first school ever to be established in their community, so these children will be the first generation of Ugandans who will be able to read, write, and have hope for a better future.

Rapha School faces many challenges, the biggest being NO clean drinking water! The one source of water is miles away from the school through thick jungle and one child has already died trying to gather water. This well will provide clean drinking water for the children, foster families, teachers and will even provide water for thier self-sustainability projects for animals and farming. The cost of the well is $4900 and we have already raised around $3965!! (thanks to all the generous people out there, you know who you are)
We need only $1035 to begin drilling!!

Many of you have asked how you can help Ruth, and this is your chance! If 207 folks like yourself donates just $5 we'll reach our goal! That's just one Starbucks!! You can be a part of what God's doing right now by helping to drill a well at Rapha Community Primary School in Uganda!!
Want to donate? Please see the top right side of our blog for the DONATE button!

Please consider forwarding this on to you friends and family or post this on your own blog!! Let's join together and make a difference in the lives of these Ugandan children and community!!
Ruth also faces the financial challenge of the children’s’ tuition, scholastic materials, lunches, and uniforms. If you would like to help out Rapha Community Primary School, we are also raising funds for tuition($10) and uniforms($7). Simply go to to donate there!! Kids LAKE is a campaign to help kids all "pitch in" to make a difference in our world! The challenge for kids is to raise, earn or save money every month to be able to send to kids around the world so they may know God's Love. So this month, Kids LAKE is raising money for Rapha School!


Johnson said...

Hello Katie!
Jeremy and I will be praying for you and Ruth and the school. All our extra dollars are going to Liberia to build an orphanage, but we totally support you in thought and prayer.

Nourishing Traditions Team said...
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amber said...

Oops -- I was still signed in from posting this morning...

Anyway, I think this is awesome! I have been thinking and praying for Ruth and her organization since you shared. I am so glad to see this being done. I wish we could give more but EVERY penny helps! May God lay it on people's hearts to give to this very special lady's ministry.


amber said...

One more thing, Katie. I can't get the donate button to work on your blog. ??? Maybe it's just me, but I thought I should let you know. I'll just go to Brandi's site... but maybe somebody else has tried it and couldn't get it to work either...


Brandi said...

Hey, time to update your blog! yippee!