Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank You Africa!

Fatu on her birthday eating her dinner of choice...Ethiopian!!!

Well, as most of you already know, WE ARE HOME FROM AFRICA!! We came home April 1st and I'm just now finding some time to post! Ahhhh!! It's been quite an adjustment to come home to the fast pace life of America. I definitely slipped into the simple and slow way of life in Africa because now that I'm back, I find myself spinning in circles. Just today I found myself staring at the walls wondering how I was going to tackle my way too long "to do" list. How is it possible? I thought I told myself that we wouldn't "do" full schedules again. I thought we'd keep the simple life and just say NO to busy-ness. It is hard to do, especially when you have such amazing friends and family that you want to see!!
I thought I would post some photos since we have thousands (yikes) as well as post blogs that I wrote while we were in Uganda but couldn't post due to lack of electricity and various other interesting things.

For opening my eyes to a glorious world that has been buried in distraction.
For teaching me PATIENCE.
For teaching me how to have a grateful heart.
For accepting me despite my ignorance, pride, and selfish-ness.

For helping me experience the PEACE that surpasses understanding.
For showing me what it really means to give.
For teaching me about reducing, reusing, and recycling.

For living in JOY.
For sharing your land, your lives, and your hearts with us.
For sleepless nights.

For stirring my heart and challenging my mind.
For helping me to see God’s beautiful creation with new eyes and appreciation.
For giving God the greatest praise.
For hands that hold HOPE.
For not keeping silent.

For teaching me about an eternal truth…LOVE,
loving God and loving one another!

Boda boda style...papa and Fatu

Sunday school Football!! The boys from down the street came over as often as they could to play with F and O and a real soccer ball!! We played games, sucked down mangoes, and laughed a lot!! Jeff coined these times as "Katie's kid's club" Fatu peeking out of the bus window at the yummy ground nuts for sale
God's Will Ladies Choice store!! oh, yeah!!