Friday, April 4, 2008

First meetings!

Our trip home to Michigan was one filled with many tears...tears of joy! Osobie and Fatu were able to meet many people who have been a tremendous influence in my life. One of them is my dear grandma Thieme. Grandma Thieme is now 96 yrs. old and still a vibrant, Jesus loving, prayer warrior-woman. After my parents divorce, my mom, brother, sister and I moved into my Grandma's house and she cared for us so my mom could work full time. I remember coming down the stairs every morning and peeking into gma's room to see her on her knees praying. She prayed every single day for us and I believe her prayers carried me closer to knowing Jesus. I love her deeply and am grateful for her sacrifice for us. Osobie and Fatu met their great grandma Thieme and it was a moment I will never forget.

Grandma called me "her little bimbalee"! Look at the glow in her eyes! I love my grammy and am blessed by her presence in my life

The next visit was to my Grandpa Weber and Grandma Eleanor. My gpa and gma Weber were also dear to me growing up. We spent many holidays and weekends at their house getting spoiled and loving it! My grandma Weber passed away in 1997. Her name was Wanda Weber and she was another lady that influenced my life. She was a woman who accepted and loved every person she met. Grandma Weber loved Jesus and loved others. She always had a smile on her face and was well known in her community because of her kindness. She played a mean harmonica and got the elderly clapping and singing on her regular visits to the nursing homes. After my grandma Weber passed away, my grandpa spent a few years on his own. Then my grandpa was blessed to meet a woman named Eleanor who had also lost her spouse. At 83 yrs. old they were married and they have a wonderful life together. Grandpa and Eleanor have supported and encouraged Jeff and I over the years as we have pursued our hearts call to Africa, and have been hugely involved in our adoption. They have carried us in prayer and have always been involved in missions and ministries around the world that are sharing the love of Jesus, helping the poor and delivering medical care. On one of our trips to Uganda, I was working at an orphanage where I met a boy named Andy but called "dog boy". He was called this by the other children because he was crippled from polio and walked on his hands and knees. He literally put flip flops on his hands and would walk and run across the dirt and grass. In one of my weekly emails I had shared about this boy because our hearts were broken for him. The next day my grandpa emailed me about wiring some money to Arua, Uganda so we could buy him a wheel chair of some sort. Jeff and I had seen a man in town who rode a hand cranked wheel chair and by random chance, of course we know this is God, we found the man who knew how to make one! So, in 2 days we received $100 from my grandpa and we were able to purchase Andy a brand new hand cranked wheelchair! So, all that to grandpa and new grandma rock!!!!!!! They love Osobie and Fatu and have waited for the day they would get to meet them. Can you believe my grandpa who is 90 yrs. old actually picked up Fatu and Osobie?

We took this picture because we chose to name Fatu after my grandma Wanda Weber. Don't you love the name Fatu Wanda Borchert? Wanda would have loved to meet our kids and would have been so excited to welcome them into her family. I can't wait to share more with Fatu about the woman she is named after.

Pure joy!!

Oh, and then there is Uncle Phil!!!!! The kids jumped him with an impressive tickle fest! I know Osobie and Fatu were glad to finally meet all the people I have been talking about for the last 4 months!

Oh, and we can't forget "cool Aunt Nikki"!!! yeah, she's 21 and I am sure she's way in touch with "what's in" than we are anymore!! I told Osobie and Fatu that they could go crazy with Aunt Nikki because she's a youngin' and can't complain about her knees and back just yet!!!

Tom & Nikki with the kids

My dad got a kick out of meeting his 2 newest grandkids! We went to his shop and spent some time showing the kids all the tools that grandpa uses to fix cars.

Then of course my dad pulled out all the fun "farm toys" at his house and the kids spent the day driving the riding lawn mower. I could hear them laughing and screaming all the way inside the house!

Having a little fun playing in the greenery at the butterfly atrium

Osobie and Fatu were really hoping a butterfly would land on them! We're going to have to make a trip to the Denver Butterfly Pavilion and wear our bright red clothes!

Our little cuties!!! happy, smiling, lovey...and pretty funny!! what can I say, I love my kids!!

This was by far the coolest part of the Detroit Zoo! The kids were freaking out over the water tunnel. The seals swam across the glass over head. This seal found the water flow valve and sat itself right in front of the hole and got a nice facial massage.

Grammie and Fatu strolling at the zoo!

Papa and O!
yes,... we loved the tunnel, especially since it made for such cool photos!
I love this shot!

Osobie and Fatu loved the piano at Grammie & Grandma's house. I think we need to get them into some music lessons. At the moment Osobie wants to learn guitar and Fatu wants to play the drums! After music we'll then move on to dance lessons! Not that they need any, but they sure love to dance!
More Grammie time!!


Brandi said...

What FUN pictures and great times introducing your kids! That's the best! I LOVE those water tunnel pics. . especially the one of them from the back. . too cute!


jena said...

What a precious time. I can't wait to have my sweetie home and make the family introductions! But since they are ALL on the west coast and I'm in NC... we'll have some time to talk them up first.

Johnson said...

I love all the pictures!!!

julie said...

Looks like a great time. I think you and I should definitely find a little phone time. Speaking of phone, thanks for letting me use yours while in Liberia!

amber said...

Wow -- what a great trip. Thanks for sharing about it. I loved all the pictures, too. You guys are ALL so photogenic... it's just disgusting, really!!! Ha! :)

My grandparents and great-grandparents were so important to me while I was growing up (and still are...) What a blessing that your kiddos got to meet and spend time with your fam. (Your grandma is amazing! You are right about the sparkle in her eyes!!)