Monday, May 5, 2008

TAG...I'm it!!

So, in the blog world there is always the random game of tag and well, I'm it! Thanks Charity for the tag and for making me share more about my weird self with the Internet world!! he, he. Okay, so here goes...

I am: energetic (finally, after a 6-month hiatus) and emotional (sometimes too much)

I think: while I am driving and doing dishes

I know: that I am a child a God, forgiven, and loved abundantly!!!

I want: to boldly follow Jesus wherever and however He calls me, and for my kids to know and love Jesus!!

I hate: public speaking

I miss: my brother in law, Matt.

I fear: aimlessness

I feel: inspired by my friends and family who love extravagantly!

I hear: my daughter snoring and rolling around in her bed & I love it!

I smell: a combo of burritos and dirty dog!

I crave: Ugandan matoke and sauce! (It’s a type of banana)

I search: through drawers and closets constantly, to get rid of stuff!

I regret: not having (or adopting) kids sooner!

I love: Jesus, my hubby Jeff, Osobie and Fatu, my family, friends, and AFRICA!

I ache: for the orphans in Africa who fend for themselves on dark nights, crying themselves to sleep.

I care: about the environment

I always: drink coffee first thing in the morning!

I am not: a super organized person

I believe: that the darkest valleys can be the most intimate, profound, rich, and life changing times of our lives.

I sing: along with Osobie and Fatu when they sing their Liberian worship songs!

I cry: during worship, when I think about how blessed we are, when I say goodbye to my grandma in Michigan, when I watch documentaries on Africa.

I fight: with Jeff over pillows! (No joke, we have started writing our names with a sharpie on the pillow tags!)

I write: in my journal almost every day

I win: at Pictionary a lot of the time!

I lose: sunglasses!!

I never: want to be comfortable (meaning settling for less than what God has for us)

I Listen: to U2, Ben Harper, Miles Davis, Anthony Skinner, worship tunes

I can usually be found: at home with my kids, at the park, outside in the summer!

I am scared: of raccoons! (They are so mean! They dig through our compost bin and hiss at me!!)

I need: to plant my garden and flowers tomorrow!!

I am happy about: MY LIFE!!

I hope: that God will bless us with more children!!

I know now I am supposed to tag others... I may just re-tag some ladies who haven't posted yet! Laurie, Melodie, Amber, Jocelyn...


Scott and Erin said...

I'm right there with you on the Ben Harper... Scott and I went to a Ben Harper show on our first date :)

Not so much with the Matooke and G-nut........ I am such a bad mzungu :)

Charity said...

You Posted it- yes!!!

I love that Fatu snores! Aries kicks and thrashes like a beast or's hillarious. Except that her hair tie is ALWAYS coming off. But now I bought her a 10 foot one that she can wrap around a bunch of times and that seems to be doing the trick.

Can't wait too see you guys again-!


Brandi said...

Yeah! I'm glad you posted too! You crack me up. I love your passion for following Jesus wherever He leads!

Love you,