Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well everyone...I have to say THANK YOU for all your emails, support, building a well at Rapha and helping us to send 54 kids to school so far at Rapha Primary School!! You guys Rock!!

Now how about joining me for some serious prayer for RUTH and Bethesda's families!! I just got this email from her tonight and I am heartbroken for the Bethesda foster family. Jeff & I met the Hope family and the kids they foster on our first trip to Uganda in 2003. This family needs our prayers for God's healing and His comfort to rest on them. I am also saddened to hear of the housing dilemma Ruth's family is facing. Ruth has shared her housing issues with us before but I didn't think it would get to this point, but it has. I know $10,000...even $5,000 seems utterly impossible to be able to raise in 2 days, but we also serve a mighty, generous, loving and amazing God!! It's not impossible for Him!! PLEASE would you join me in praying for all the families who are suffering, especially the Hope family, and would you join me and pray, dream, fast, scheme, & think creatively for Ruth.

Dear Katie,
How are you and how are things over there. It was nice talking to you last week and the news was great!

We had a bad time since the last time we talked. The foster parents of Hope Family, one of our foster home had tragedy. Their 8yr old girl died when their dormitory at school caught fire and burned down killing 22 young girls in number. It has been such a painful moment for us at Bethesda but most for the parents. There is no remainings and we can never have a grave for her. It is so horrifying to the whole nation and mostly to the parents.

Another bad news is that we might lose our house and money we have deposited on it. The owners are in need of money and cant wait any longer. Our money is paining me ($10,000) that we had deposited on this house. They have given us until the April 19th. Katie we know this is our house and God has kept them at bay for since last year so we believe that God will come through for us again. There is some people who are willing to lend us some money but their interest% is very high. Our prayer is that we could get something like half the money or all without interest and pay back in a years time. We are trying to put something together but it is hard. How is the fundraising doing?

It is a hard time for us. Continue praying for us.
Love, Ruth

Thank you,
please email me with any ideas, thoughts, anything..


Missy said...

Katie, This is just devastating. My heart is breaking for them and I will be praying. Missy

Johnson said...

Our hearts are breaking as well. We are praying for them.

Brandi said...

Still praying. . .heart breaking for them. . I can't imagine.

Love ya,

Brandi said...

64.9 kids raised for!!!

Love ya,