Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm inspired!!!

Okay, since the blog post and focus on Ruth & Bethesda International in Uganda I have been so inspired by the loving initiative of others!! I just have to share a few super cool stories!!

The other day I received a random email from a lady in England who had stumbled upon our blog by accidentally pressing the "next blog" button while in Blogger mode. She saw our blog and took to the time to actually read it! After reading about our newly formed family she continued on to read about Ruth's dilemma & about the Rapha school fundraiser we are doing. She donated a generous amount because she doesn't want to see Ruth close her doors due to lack of funds. What an inspiration!! A complete stranger halfway around the world investing in Ugandan children's lives because one afternoon she stumbled across a random blog!!!

Now I need to brag a little on my sister! She's seriously the most humble, generous, and loving person! Mekay is one of those people who will just buy you a gift that's exactly what you have always wanted, just for the heck of it. She surprises me almost every week with something handmade from her for the kids, or just something "she picked up". She sewed a dress for Fatu just for fun! She made a African doll for Fatu, just for fun. She made a little tooth fairy jar out of femo clay for Osobie because he was losing his teeth! Just tonight Mekay briefly mentioned that she just shipped over a package of school supplies and other crafty things to Ruth for Rapha School!! Mekay is blessing people all over the world in her special way but most people would never know it because she's so humble! For her birthday last year Jeff started calling her "Mekay Theresa"!!

Then on to my next inspiring person! I received an email from a mother who lives here in Fort Collins who was searching the web looking for an organization that would send care packages to African orphans. Once again, she stumbled upon our blog and saw the fundraiser we were doing for Ruth's school. In her email, she proceeded to tell me the reason she was searching for Nagy's. Here it is, "My daughter who is going to be 11 this summer wants to invite her friends to a pool party and have everyone bring items to donate to African orphans instead of birthday presents. " !! Wow! Can you believe this? This young lady wants to go to Africa and desires to be a doctor over there! Isn't her idea fabulous? Instead of gathering her own birthday gifts, she wants to see the children at Rapha Community Primary School receive an education by sending them school supplies. Once again... I am totally inspired!!!

Are you inspired?
We have only 92 kids left to sponsor at Rapha School!!
Just swing by the donate button at the top of our blog!!


Brandi said...

We only have 92 now! Keep up with it! ha ha! My mom's birthday was yesterday, so she got 3 kids tuition and uniforms from my grandparents! yeah!

I got another email from a mom here in Orlando who wants to help by spreading the word!

Love you,

Dono & Laurie said...

Dude~ People are awesome! I love MeKay Theresa!! She is really soooooo sweet. See ya tonight:)

Brandi said...

Better change that number again!

to. . drumroll please. . .66 kids left! almost halfway there! praise Jesus!


Johnson said...

too cool!