Tuesday, December 25, 2007


We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Celebrating the day of Jesus birth and rejoicing in Him, the best gift of all!!

We pray you are enjoying time with friends or family and being
soaked in God's goodness and love!

We love you all !!!

We are still amazed at God's perfect handiwork in forming our family. Osobie and Fatu being home is our Christmas gift and w
e couldn't be happier. We are cuddled up in our cozies as the snow falls so beautifully on the ground outside.
We are blessed!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


YIPEE!!! We finally have Internet again!!! We feel like w
e have been so disconnected from the rest of the world without being able to email, read friends blogs and keep up with our own. We are back in business now!!

So much to update on the kids...but most importantly wanted to let ya all know Jeff made it home safe from Uganda. It was a glorious day at the Denver Airport!! Osobie and Fatu could barely stand to wait the 15 minutes for Jeff to come up the escalator. They ran into his arms, yelling "PAPA"!! Thank you for your prayers for him and his travel and for our family!!

It was such a sweet sight to see my husband finally become a father after such a long, agonizing, painful and frustrating journey. The kids are doing really great bonding with Papa. Osobie follows him all around the house and sits on the couch every day, staring out the window waiting for Papa to come home from work. Fatu is a little more shy with Jeff. She is somewhat of a mommas girl, but everyday she is getting more and more comfortable with her new Papa. Overall they are doing awesome!! They are a joy to be with and loads of fun!! I am blessed, truly blessed and so grateful for our family. Just the other day the kids and I were driving home from the store and as I turned back to check on the kids, Osobie blurts out, "Momma, you are beautiful". My heart just melted!
We have also gotten several "I Love You too's". Th
ey are extremely sweet children and of course super spunky!! I am going to have to download some videos we have taken of them dancing!!! They LOVE the Liberian Jesus music we play for them. I bought some Liberian CD's while I was there and as soon as I load them up, the kids are dancing and singing right along.

Now for some more pictures...because pictures a
re always better than my ramblings!! Love to you all and once again....well, I just can't seem to say it enough, THANK YOU ALL!! Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your hearts on fire for God and for dedicating time in all your busy lives to pray for us over the last several months. Thank you for being such a huge part of this God story!! We are praising Him everyday!!
first Thanksgiving

Just foolin' around with Momma's hat

First Snow!!
Osobie , Fatu and cousin MackennaOsobie, Kojo and Fatu...who needs toys when you have boxes??


THEY HAVE BEEN SUCH A HUGE SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND ARE OUR DEAR FRIENDS AND COULD REALLY USE SOME PRAYER AS THEY CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE TO BRING HOME THEIR TWO CHILDREN,NYENNA & TITUS. Kojo has been apart from them for 6 months now & they have been in the orphanage the longest of all the children. It is time for them to be home!! Please Pray with us for the Lorenzens!!