Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring is here & we're lovin' it!!!

I haven't posted many pics of the kids recently because I wanted to focus our blog on Ruth this month, but they are growing up so fast, here is a few from the last 2 months.

Thanks everyone for writing to ABC for Ruth & Bethesda Int'l in Uganda!!
(see previous post) Now we just sit, wait, and pray for that phone call!

I also just wanted to recap all the glorious things God has done for Ruth and Bethesda Int'l. since Brandi started the well campaign and we dedicated the month of April to praying for Bethesda International!!! We only have 48 more kids to sponsor to reach our goal of 120!

1. Raised $5,000 to dig a well at Rapha School in Uganda to bring clean water to over 250 school children, foster families, teachers, farm animals and the Rapha community!!!

2. Raised enough money, so far, to pay for 72 children's tuition and uniforms for a semester

3. Inspired a young girl to have a birthday party and request her friends to bring school supplies for the Rapha school children instead of buying her gifts
4. Inspired a woman from England ( who found our blog on accident) to give generously to Ruth and Bethesda Int'l as well as continue to raise funds through various creative fundraisers, one being a handbag party!!!

5. My sister bought a ton of crafts and school supplies and shipped them to Uganda!

6. Several friends of ours Lorenzen's, Littletons, Alonso's posted about Ruth on their blogs which brought much more exposure to Ruth and her ministry

7. Ran with the idea of the ABC extreme makeover: Africa style and asked people to write letters! The same girl who is having a birthday party has now asked her teacher if their class can write letters to ABC, and they are!!

8. At the same time of Ruth's campaign, Brandi launched KidsLake which has helped kids raise money for Rapha School! Check out their site!!

9. My friends mother came over tonight with a check for Ruth's home situation! Tks Chris!

10. There will be more to come!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

An African Extreme Makeover??

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and I think now is the time to share it since Ruth’s need for a home and help is crucial.

Last month I sent in an application DVD for ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER: AFRICA ADDITION!! For 2 years now I felt like the Lord prompted me with the idea of sending in a video of our good friend, Ruth Mugas orphanage and ministry, Bethesda International. Ruth is the founder of Bethesda and cares for hundreds of orphans and abandoned children. (Check out my previous posts and help one of her kids with school fees!) I was a big fan of ABC’s extreme makeover because I love to see people’s lives changed! People who are selfless and generous or those who have traveled a very hard road are given a “huge break”, hope for a better future, and of course a saaweeet new house!! I’m in tears during almost every show and that night I crawl in bed and think about how much our friend Ruth is so deserving of an amazing blessing like this!!

So, ABC, has been going now for what 2 years? They have updated the show a little here and there to keep fans watching. I think there will have to be some major changes in the seasons to come to keep their viewers intrigued, especially since next week is their final show, completing their 50 state tour. So,…I have an idea!

ABC goes global!! Starting with Ruth Muga & Bethesda International in Jinja, Uganda!!! Couldn't you just see it now?
I already have a plan…ABC starts in AFRICA and visits every African country. Then they move on to China, South America, India, and the list goes on. With 15 million AIDS orphans in the world, and 12 million of them in Sub-Saharan Africa, it seems like an ABC Extreme Makeover: Orphanage style is timely. Our DVD is in Los Angeles right now, either sitting on a shelf or in someone’s hands…waiting to decide if they should fly with a crazy idea like AFRICA!

Would you take the time to write a short note, seriously, nothing long, just to the point? (I just got word from a friend that Denise makes most of the major decisions for ABC so... you can address them to her!)
Dear Denise Cramsey,
I would love to see ABC choose Ruth Muga & Bethesda International from Jinja, Uganda for a makeover and embrace the idea of doing an Africa Orphanage edition. With 15 million orphans world wide, and 12 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa, an orphanage edition would be timely.

Send to:
Lock & Key Productions
Family Casting / Attn: Denise Cramsey
P.O. Box 38670
Los Angeles, CA. 90038

That’s it! It would take just a few minutes and the cost of a stamp and who knows…maybe this crazy idea will fly!! Thanks you guys!! Please consider sharing this with your friends & family. I’d love to flood ABC with letters!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well everyone...I have to say THANK YOU for all your emails, support, building a well at Rapha and helping us to send 54 kids to school so far at Rapha Primary School!! You guys Rock!!

Now how about joining me for some serious prayer for RUTH and Bethesda's families!! I just got this email from her tonight and I am heartbroken for the Bethesda foster family. Jeff & I met the Hope family and the kids they foster on our first trip to Uganda in 2003. This family needs our prayers for God's healing and His comfort to rest on them. I am also saddened to hear of the housing dilemma Ruth's family is facing. Ruth has shared her housing issues with us before but I didn't think it would get to this point, but it has. I know $10,000...even $5,000 seems utterly impossible to be able to raise in 2 days, but we also serve a mighty, generous, loving and amazing God!! It's not impossible for Him!! PLEASE would you join me in praying for all the families who are suffering, especially the Hope family, and would you join me and pray, dream, fast, scheme, & think creatively for Ruth.

Dear Katie,
How are you and how are things over there. It was nice talking to you last week and the news was great!

We had a bad time since the last time we talked. The foster parents of Hope Family, one of our foster home had tragedy. Their 8yr old girl died when their dormitory at school caught fire and burned down killing 22 young girls in number. It has been such a painful moment for us at Bethesda but most for the parents. There is no remainings and we can never have a grave for her. It is so horrifying to the whole nation and mostly to the parents.

Another bad news is that we might lose our house and money we have deposited on it. The owners are in need of money and cant wait any longer. Our money is paining me ($10,000) that we had deposited on this house. They have given us until the April 19th. Katie we know this is our house and God has kept them at bay for since last year so we believe that God will come through for us again. There is some people who are willing to lend us some money but their interest% is very high. Our prayer is that we could get something like half the money or all without interest and pay back in a years time. We are trying to put something together but it is hard. How is the fundraising doing?

It is a hard time for us. Continue praying for us.
Love, Ruth

Thank you,
please email me with any ideas, thoughts, anything..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm inspired!!!

Okay, since the blog post and focus on Ruth & Bethesda International in Uganda I have been so inspired by the loving initiative of others!! I just have to share a few super cool stories!!

The other day I received a random email from a lady in England who had stumbled upon our blog by accidentally pressing the "next blog" button while in Blogger mode. She saw our blog and took to the time to actually read it! After reading about our newly formed family she continued on to read about Ruth's dilemma & about the Rapha school fundraiser we are doing. She donated a generous amount because she doesn't want to see Ruth close her doors due to lack of funds. What an inspiration!! A complete stranger halfway around the world investing in Ugandan children's lives because one afternoon she stumbled across a random blog!!!

Now I need to brag a little on my sister! She's seriously the most humble, generous, and loving person! Mekay is one of those people who will just buy you a gift that's exactly what you have always wanted, just for the heck of it. She surprises me almost every week with something handmade from her for the kids, or just something "she picked up". She sewed a dress for Fatu just for fun! She made a African doll for Fatu, just for fun. She made a little tooth fairy jar out of femo clay for Osobie because he was losing his teeth! Just tonight Mekay briefly mentioned that she just shipped over a package of school supplies and other crafty things to Ruth for Rapha School!! Mekay is blessing people all over the world in her special way but most people would never know it because she's so humble! For her birthday last year Jeff started calling her "Mekay Theresa"!!

Then on to my next inspiring person! I received an email from a mother who lives here in Fort Collins who was searching the web looking for an organization that would send care packages to African orphans. Once again, she stumbled upon our blog and saw the fundraiser we were doing for Ruth's school. In her email, she proceeded to tell me the reason she was searching for Nagy's. Here it is, "My daughter who is going to be 11 this summer wants to invite her friends to a pool party and have everyone bring items to donate to African orphans instead of birthday presents. " !! Wow! Can you believe this? This young lady wants to go to Africa and desires to be a doctor over there! Isn't her idea fabulous? Instead of gathering her own birthday gifts, she wants to see the children at Rapha Community Primary School receive an education by sending them school supplies. Once again... I am totally inspired!!!

Are you inspired?
We have only 92 kids left to sponsor at Rapha School!!
Just swing by the donate button at the top of our blog!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


He did it!
Our good and faithful God has done the impossible!!
In one day ALL the money has been raised to start drilling the well at Rapha Community School!!
(see previous post if your wondering exactly what we're celebrating)
Praise GOD!!!
I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy, shocked really, and in awe of our Father who loves us deeply!! He loves each and every child, mother, father, teacher and grandparent in Rapha Community! He knows and hears the cries of their hearts for health and happiness and yes,... clean drinking water!! One day. One day and God has brought hope, health and a bright future for hundreds of Ugandans! Wow!! Thank you Jesus!!
All the money has been raised for the well but we are going to leave up the donation button for the rest of the month of April for Ruth and her ministry. Ruth has 120 children she needs to be sponsored at Rapha School. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could raise enough money to pay for all 120 school children's' tuition and uniforms? We only have 116 more kids to go!! If you'd like to help with tuition for a semester($10) or uniforms ($7) just go to the donate button at the top of the blog, or go to KidsLake for more details. I can already see the smiles on their faces and the laughter from their mouths when Ruth shares the good news of not only a well.... but uniforms and tuition's paid!!! I can assure you there will be true African celebration filled with dancing and singing when the first pump of clean water flows!!
And while we continue to join in what God's doing in Uganda through financial blessings, let's also take this month to dedicate to praying for Ruth, Bethesda Int'l., and for the work on the well!! Let's join together and pray for these kids!! the teachers!!! and the community that will know that this water is from Jesus!!
I am trying to get a hold of Ruth even as I type, but with no luck! I cannot wait to hear her voice on the other end and share with her God's surprise!! I already know she wishes she could hug each and every one of you that has lifted her in prayer or helped bring a well to Rapha School.
Here I sit, still in awe!!!
God, your so good!
Your so faithful! You did it God!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Hi all...I said I would update on answered prayers and happenings with our friend
Ruth and Bethesda International . Well, here goes! Thanks to my friend and fellow adoptive mama, Brandi, we are building a well for Ruth's school!

*for anyone that wants to read about Ruth & Bethesda Int'l please go to my previous post!

As many of you read, Ruth, the founder of Bethesda International-Uganda is caring for orphans & abandoned children through her orphanage and foster families. Bethesda believes that every child should have a home, food, clothing, love and care, and an opportunity to go to school.

Ruth has also established Rapha Community Primary School that cares for and educates 264 children that would otherwise never be able to receive an education. Rapha School is located deep in the bush far away from paved roads and schools. Rapha School is the first school ever to be established in their community, so these children will be the first generation of Ugandans who will be able to read, write, and have hope for a better future.

Rapha School faces many challenges, the biggest being NO clean drinking water! The one source of water is miles away from the school through thick jungle and one child has already died trying to gather water. This well will provide clean drinking water for the children, foster families, teachers and will even provide water for thier self-sustainability projects for animals and farming. The cost of the well is $4900 and we have already raised around $3965!! (thanks to all the generous people out there, you know who you are)
We need only $1035 to begin drilling!!

Many of you have asked how you can help Ruth, and this is your chance! If 207 folks like yourself donates just $5 we'll reach our goal! That's just one Starbucks!! You can be a part of what God's doing right now by helping to drill a well at Rapha Community Primary School in Uganda!!
Want to donate? Please see the top right side of our blog for the DONATE button!

Please consider forwarding this on to you friends and family or post this on your own blog!! Let's join together and make a difference in the lives of these Ugandan children and community!!
Ruth also faces the financial challenge of the children’s’ tuition, scholastic materials, lunches, and uniforms. If you would like to help out Rapha Community Primary School, we are also raising funds for tuition($10) and uniforms($7). Simply go to to donate there!! Kids LAKE is a campaign to help kids all "pitch in" to make a difference in our world! The challenge for kids is to raise, earn or save money every month to be able to send to kids around the world so they may know God's Love. So this month, Kids LAKE is raising money for Rapha School!

Friday, April 4, 2008

First meetings!

Our trip home to Michigan was one filled with many tears...tears of joy! Osobie and Fatu were able to meet many people who have been a tremendous influence in my life. One of them is my dear grandma Thieme. Grandma Thieme is now 96 yrs. old and still a vibrant, Jesus loving, prayer warrior-woman. After my parents divorce, my mom, brother, sister and I moved into my Grandma's house and she cared for us so my mom could work full time. I remember coming down the stairs every morning and peeking into gma's room to see her on her knees praying. She prayed every single day for us and I believe her prayers carried me closer to knowing Jesus. I love her deeply and am grateful for her sacrifice for us. Osobie and Fatu met their great grandma Thieme and it was a moment I will never forget.

Grandma called me "her little bimbalee"! Look at the glow in her eyes! I love my grammy and am blessed by her presence in my life

The next visit was to my Grandpa Weber and Grandma Eleanor. My gpa and gma Weber were also dear to me growing up. We spent many holidays and weekends at their house getting spoiled and loving it! My grandma Weber passed away in 1997. Her name was Wanda Weber and she was another lady that influenced my life. She was a woman who accepted and loved every person she met. Grandma Weber loved Jesus and loved others. She always had a smile on her face and was well known in her community because of her kindness. She played a mean harmonica and got the elderly clapping and singing on her regular visits to the nursing homes. After my grandma Weber passed away, my grandpa spent a few years on his own. Then my grandpa was blessed to meet a woman named Eleanor who had also lost her spouse. At 83 yrs. old they were married and they have a wonderful life together. Grandpa and Eleanor have supported and encouraged Jeff and I over the years as we have pursued our hearts call to Africa, and have been hugely involved in our adoption. They have carried us in prayer and have always been involved in missions and ministries around the world that are sharing the love of Jesus, helping the poor and delivering medical care. On one of our trips to Uganda, I was working at an orphanage where I met a boy named Andy but called "dog boy". He was called this by the other children because he was crippled from polio and walked on his hands and knees. He literally put flip flops on his hands and would walk and run across the dirt and grass. In one of my weekly emails I had shared about this boy because our hearts were broken for him. The next day my grandpa emailed me about wiring some money to Arua, Uganda so we could buy him a wheel chair of some sort. Jeff and I had seen a man in town who rode a hand cranked wheel chair and by random chance, of course we know this is God, we found the man who knew how to make one! So, in 2 days we received $100 from my grandpa and we were able to purchase Andy a brand new hand cranked wheelchair! So, all that to grandpa and new grandma rock!!!!!!! They love Osobie and Fatu and have waited for the day they would get to meet them. Can you believe my grandpa who is 90 yrs. old actually picked up Fatu and Osobie?

We took this picture because we chose to name Fatu after my grandma Wanda Weber. Don't you love the name Fatu Wanda Borchert? Wanda would have loved to meet our kids and would have been so excited to welcome them into her family. I can't wait to share more with Fatu about the woman she is named after.

Pure joy!!

Oh, and then there is Uncle Phil!!!!! The kids jumped him with an impressive tickle fest! I know Osobie and Fatu were glad to finally meet all the people I have been talking about for the last 4 months!

Oh, and we can't forget "cool Aunt Nikki"!!! yeah, she's 21 and I am sure she's way in touch with "what's in" than we are anymore!! I told Osobie and Fatu that they could go crazy with Aunt Nikki because she's a youngin' and can't complain about her knees and back just yet!!!

Tom & Nikki with the kids

My dad got a kick out of meeting his 2 newest grandkids! We went to his shop and spent some time showing the kids all the tools that grandpa uses to fix cars.

Then of course my dad pulled out all the fun "farm toys" at his house and the kids spent the day driving the riding lawn mower. I could hear them laughing and screaming all the way inside the house!

Having a little fun playing in the greenery at the butterfly atrium

Osobie and Fatu were really hoping a butterfly would land on them! We're going to have to make a trip to the Denver Butterfly Pavilion and wear our bright red clothes!

Our little cuties!!! happy, smiling, lovey...and pretty funny!! what can I say, I love my kids!!

This was by far the coolest part of the Detroit Zoo! The kids were freaking out over the water tunnel. The seals swam across the glass over head. This seal found the water flow valve and sat itself right in front of the hole and got a nice facial massage.

Grammie and Fatu strolling at the zoo!

Papa and O!
yes,... we loved the tunnel, especially since it made for such cool photos!
I love this shot!

Osobie and Fatu loved the piano at Grammie & Grandma's house. I think we need to get them into some music lessons. At the moment Osobie wants to learn guitar and Fatu wants to play the drums! After music we'll then move on to dance lessons! Not that they need any, but they sure love to dance!
More Grammie time!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


We just got home from our visit to D-Town!!
Well, not exactly Detroit but close enough to my home town.
Osobie and Fatu finally met most of my family.
I will post some photos soon and share a few highlights from our trip!
for all the emails, prayers, and encouragement regarding Ruth Muga and Bethesda International.
I will post updates and answered prayers as we continue to work with her!