Thursday, October 30, 2008


okay, so some more pics! just random ones again. I forgot to put my blog post on my jump drive so i thought i'd just add some more photos while i am at the cafe. thanks for all the comments, i just love hearing from all of you!! i'll try to stop by your blogs as soon as we get internet at the house (pretty amazing eh?)
  • brandi & the kids, not sure why my photos are looking so dark on the screen?? anyway,
  • the kids and i in a beautiful church in the villages where jeff works.
  • the next photo is for our friends Dono &Laurie just for a chuckle!! shouldn't all our toilet paper be named JOY!!!!!!!!!
  • jeff --the rat trapper, in his element! last Saturday the kids and i went with him for a day of checking rat traps in several villages
  • the kids in their make shift bed in the hotel, gotta love the mosquito nets!!
  • the last pics are taken on the 15 seater airplane to Arua

love ya

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Random first photos!

This is a sign that we are staying in a fancy place!! INTERNET that is somewhat fast!! After being apart for 2 weeks, Jeff , myself and the kids decided to treat ourselves and stay in a fancy hotel in Kampala for the weekend! To save on some time (we're getting ready to head to church)
I'll just give you a rundown on all the photos. Hopefully tonight I can attempt another blog post. We really need to get Internet once we get to Arua. We will be flying there on Monday!

Okay, below you will find Rapha School! The kids in new uniforms thanks to KidsLake, YOU, Brandie and a second grade class in the states that raised money for tuition and uniforms. Also, THE WELL at RAPHA!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will see 2 girls carrying water jugs on their heads....well, in 2 to 3 weeks that will be NO MORE! The well is in progress and we all got to see it for ourselves. Thanks to Brandie, Greg, John and many of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU GUYS for making this happen!!! I can't tell you the JOY it brings the Rapha school and community!!
Photos of Brandie and the kiddos!! Me and Brandie met for the first time in person on Uganda soil! Can you imagine?? We hugged and had an amazing time!! WE ARE BLESSED!! It was so refreshing for me to see and hang with such an awesome, Jesus Loving group of folks from the States! THANKS TEAM for letting me tag along with you all!! I enjoyed meeting all of you and pray for safe travels as you guys continue to explore Uganda.
Photos of me and Marium, the cook at Arthurs house. She has taught me how to cook Matoke, which is a type of banana which you cook and eat with sauce. One of my favorite Ugandan dishes!!
Photos of the Solar Oven Bethesda was awarded by the Rotary Club. Ruth applied for the oven in 2000 and they just received it when we got to Bethesda 2 weeks ago. We baked breads, cakes, fish, potatoes!!! Jack and Lisa (from Great Harvest), you would have been proud of my bread skills!!! WOW! It was so exciting!! Bethesda hopes to bake bread and start a business where they use the profits for Rapha School and other projects.
Lastly photos of the kids at the Entebbe zoo when we first got here! Oh, one more photo of laundry and meat hanging on the line! Crazy eh? They were drying meat outside along with their laundry. I tasted the meat, it was similar to beef jerky!!
Okay, would love to write a million more stories!! I will do that once we get settled! LOVE YOU ALL LOADS!!!!
Katie and the fam'

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We made it!!!!!!!!
Praise Jesus!!!
I know this is a bit late but I've found it much harder to connect to Internet now that I am tote-ing around 2 kids!! We are all well and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of sweet AFRICA!
After many trips here, we really do feel quite at home in a wierd way. Jeff is in Arua while the kids and I are staying in Jinja until Friday. We will reunite on Friday in Kampala (capital of uganda) and then travel via bus or airplane to Arua on Sunday. Jeff has found us a home nearby his office and on the same road that we had lived on back in 2005? It formerly housed the NGO "Right To Play" which ministered to kids in refugee camps in Sudan. Our house is being furnished with the basics as we speak so we won't be moving in for another 2 weeks. Until then we will stay in a hotel in Arua where Jeff has been staying.
Okay, gotta run!! Much to do to prepare for the visitors from the States!! I will be meeting my friend Brandi on Thursday and we'll get to visit Rapha school (bethesda International) and see the work on the well that she helped fund!!!
Sending Jesus sweet love to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for all the prayers for our family!! we are wrapped in them daily!!