Monday, April 23, 2007

Here we go!

Welcome to the borch porch...we love the "idea" of porches, sitting on a deck, sipping lemonade or fine Fort Collins ales, sharing life with friends, "i almost peed my pants" laughter, and good conversation. Porches I guess in our time have become Backyard Decks. Either way, we hope that this will be a place where we sit, discuss life, share our dreams and heartaches, and live life together!

Our son, Osobie

Osobie Borchert, what a cutie!! Wow...this is our little guy. This was our first picture with a full smile, teeth and all. I love his eyes...there is a gentleness in them. Our first description we received for Osobie was,...Quiet and Easy going! (sound familiar?) wow, what a God thing. He has picked us to be a family and we couldn't be happier!!

Our daughter, Fatu

Isn't she absolutely beautiful!! I lOVE this picture of her...although, I think we're going to have our hands full. Our first personality description of Fatu was, ....talkative & mischievous!!! (sound familiar?) Oh boy!! Look at that half wink, you know she's gonna be a spunky girl! We can't wait!!

Fatu & Osobie Borchert!! look at those smiles