Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stella Kate our sweet Ugandan daughter!!!

So I've attempted to load up some photos of little Miss Stella Kate Kirabo Borchert from the beginnings to the most recent days.  I really wanted to compile a blog post about our story of adoption/fostering in Uganda but being a baby mama means that I don't have much time for blogging these days...I"m not at all complaining...I'm loving spending time with Stella!! Slowly I'm compiling the  story of our journey to Stella because I think it's worth sharing.  It's worth sharing because it's a story of God's faithfulness and goodness! Hopefully it wont take me 6 months to do it! Stella is a super happy baby who smiles and laughs at all our silliness and goofy faces.  She's brought so much JOY to our family, we are blessed! She's growing up so fast, almost too fast! I'm ever grateful for all the advice I've gotten from my friends back home that have told me to enjoy every day with her and to hold Stella as often as I can because they grow up so fast! You are all right.  I'm amazed at the changes that we see everyday as she learns to roll, grab things, babble and start to sit up.  Osobie and Fatu are surprised by how little she cries.  I think they expected it to be a bit harder than it is right now which is great for them and for us! She's not a crier, which is awesome!  Osobie has really stepped up as big brother and loves to hold her and carry her around while we supervise.  Fatu also enjoys Stella but is a little more hesitant when it comes to carrying her because she's afraid she will wiggle loose!  Life is very full in the Borchert home and we love every minute of it!! Thank you for all the prayers over the many years of our travels and living in Uganda!! We will write more about Uganda and all that happens over here in another post.  Until then....


Monday, September 12, 2011

Our quick trip home this summer!!

Family pic done by the one and only Cierra Lorenzen!!!!!!!!!!!! You got talent girlfriend!! We love you!!!

Well, after 9 months of being in Uganda....I finally post on our blog! Geez.. I had such great intentions of redoing our blog once we landed here and blogging every week at least, but wow... I just can't get the time to sit down and write about all that's happening here in good ole' Kampala Uganda!!! I think it's because I would much rather just live life here 100% and spend every minute absorbing the culture, people, good God appointments, family time, adventure, and the list goes on!! But, there's so much cool stuff to share, it's really a shame that I don't write it down and journal about African life! So, here's my 2nd blog since living in Uganda I think and well, this blog's all about our trip home to the U.S. in July! Just a picture blog really...I mean we went to Disney, so had to share some of the crazy fun the kids had this summer along with visits with friends and family! Hope to get a new blog up one day!! Until then,...enjoy!!!!

Grammie with the kiddos!
Fatu and O LOVE their Auntie Mekay!!!
They also LOVE their cousin Mackenna!!!

Golfing at Grandma B and Grandpa B's house!!

Ball game with Grandpa B and Grandma B...loads of fun!!
Bowling with cousin Kyle!! Lots of fun with Aunt Linda, Uncle Brian and cuz!

Yup....Time with my sweet soul sista L!! hugs kisses friend!!!
Fatu digging her visit to the Cockpit on one of our many flights

BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!! F and O's Liberian buddies!!! Wow,...they have all grown so much!!

Hang time with Henry is always crazy fun!!
Corn on the cob, Tillamook cheese, great friends, porch time, Colorado summer...memorable!!!

 Loving being on Grandpa's sailboat with Auntie Nikki, Grandpa and Tom
 Sailing with Grandpa
Star Wars in action at Grammies house
Auntie Nikki and Tom with their hands full of loving!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011



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