Monday, June 16, 2008

7 months of being a family!

and STILL no family photo!!!! We've got to get working on that

It's hard to believe it's been 7 months, June 8th, since the kids have been home. It's hard to believe I've only known my kids for 7 months and at the same time I know the Lord planted them in our hearts long ago. For the most part, it definitely feels like we've been together forever and then there are the challenging times when I remember that we are still "adjusting" to each other. Overall F and O are doing super! They bring life and joy to our family. They are gifts from God. They are excited about each new day and ask a million questions about the new place they live. When people ask us about their adjustment and bonding I typically share that they are probably adjusting better than Jeff and I are as new parents!! We prepared ourselves for all the problems and issues discussed in the adoption books we read, but honestly we have yet to face any serious problems. O and F are 80% of the time happy and easy going kids. Fatu is miss adventure, a ready for anything and fearless little girl. (except when it comes to animals) It took many days in the garden before she would hold an earth worm. Osobie is a thinker. He evaluates everything and is constantly trying to figure out the workings of all things mechanical. He LOVES to build. He really only needs 2 toys in his room, Tinker Toys and Legos. They bring him hours of fun. Osobie is a quick learner. He's starting to read the Bob books and in the fall we'll start Kindergarten. Fatu has her colors, shapes, and letters down. She's a hands on and visual learner, just like her mama. She has a ton of spunk and a little attitude now and then. She's very creative, confident, and outgoing. She loves to cook and play dress up.

They are losing their Liberian accents and have replaced the word "market" for "super market", that was a sad day. They love playing with the Lorenzen gang & their cousin Mackenna. My sis lives only 20 minutes away so we get to play together every week!! F and Nyenna play dress up, while O and Koj play golf in the backyard. F and O have always played really well together but we've been starting to see some more bickering. I was told by a few fellow adoptive parents that when you get to 6 months you start to see their true personalities. I do think that as they become more comfortable and realize that we will be a family forever, they let down their guards and be themselves. So, at 7 months we are learning more about each other and ourselves. We are blessed! God has woven our family together and I couldn't have ever dreamed it would be this good. With summer here... it's been hard to sit down and blog! Here's a few quick photos of our last month!!
Hangin' at church
F and O's first bike ride with training wheels! We only had 2 spills!

Jeremy came over on his lunch break to show the kids the massive grating machine!

Uncle Steve grilling us some mean burgers, brats, and veggie burgers!!

THE semi-quarterly BORCHERT PINOCHLE PARTY--Osobie & Fatu have almost met their whole family.

Hangin' out on Uncle Steve and Aunt Kelly's deck!!

Aunt Mekay and Mackenna

Papa's Day at the Leibherr ranch!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hey all...a quick update on Ruth & Bethesda Int'l.
We have the final numbers in and I am in awe of God's goodness!! We have raised all the money for the well (close to $5000), we raised all the money we needed to cover the tuition & uniforms for 120 Rapha school children ($2000), and raised $2100 for Ruth's housing situation.
Thanks everybody for stepping up and making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of Uganda's orphans. Ruth is overwhelmed by the love and support she has received from you all. She is extremely grateful!!
On a sadder note...Ruth lost their house this week. She said that times are getting tough in Uganda and landlords are asking for 6 months rent upfront in order to get into a house. The money for her house will go towards the rent and security deposit of their next house, when they find one. So, we continue to pray for Bethesda Int'l and praise God because of His faithfulness!!
we keep raising awareness about org's like Bethesda Int'l & supporting them, SO....

Grab a bag and support UGANDA!!
These bags are awesome!! I have 8 already! Stock up so you can stop using those darn plastic bags!
By purchasing one of these bags for $12 you will:
  1. Help Ruth & Bethesda International and hundreds of Uganda's orphans

  2. Improve the livelihood of the villagers in Malawi (the very people who make the bags)

  3. Decrease the use of plastic bags - the earth will thank you!!

I have only 18 bags left!! Get yours while you can! Just email me your order & address, and I will ship them out to you for free!!

Bethesda International- helping orphans in Uganda
Don't you love this?? Ruth is so excited about her new logo! I also have t-shirts for sale...they will be up next!!
The other side of the bag- Africa Bags: empowering Malawi...check em' out!

Just drop me an email if you would like to buy a bag for $12!