Thursday, October 29, 2009


Osobie's on the mend!! Thank you for all the prayers from around the globe!! We are thanking Jesus for his healing, strength and faithfulness to Osobie and our family. We spent 5 days at the hospital (PVH-to the Dr's and nurses, guys are amazing, THANK YOU!!!) We think he caught swine flu that turned into a very serious pneumonia that infiltrated his bloodstream. It was a hard and scary week but we were carried by God and by the prayers of our family & friends!! During his time in the hospital he received more letters of support for his playground project in Uganda and it was such an encouragement to his little spirit!! He is more determined than ever to build a playground for the kids of Ombachi village. We and our church family have committed to supporting and working with the people of Ombachi village. Once we return we look forward to researching the development of water projects, starting small businesses for women and men, continuing with discipleship, and of course building a playground near the local church or local primary school in Ombachi.

The boys, vegging out on cable! I can see why people get sucked into TV, we must have sat for hours watching cartoons and of course the Food Network (Jeff's fav').

Osobie has received over $300 for the playground project!! People have asked us how much he needs to build a playground and since we've never done it before we do not have an exact amount. We estimated he would need at least $200. That would include purchasing wood, cement, seats, chains, hardware, renting or buying tools, transportation to the from the village, and paying two or three men salaries to help build it. We have discussed two possible locations for the playground. We will meet with the Ombachi village church elders and ask if they would want the playground built on their land adjacent to the church building. We will also meet with the Ombachi primary school principal and discuss the possibility of building a teeter-tater on the school grounds. Once we've decided on the location we will proceed with purchasing the materials and building the playground!

We've also been having some good conversations with Osobie since his time in the hospital. We have talked about the money he's raised with his playground fund and what else has been on his heart for the kids in Africa. We've been talking about how blessed we are that we have hospitals and doctors to care for us when we're really sick. Osobie knows what life is like in Africa, mainly due to the fact that he was born and raised there for 5 years, but also because we lived there recently and will return to Uganda very soon. He has seen the malnourished kids with big belly's and remembers looking like that when he first came home. Just a few weeks ago Osobie made a random comment about how he would be if he was home in Liberia. He said, "Mama, I'd be sick". So, as we've talked he has shared that he would like to spend any extra money he raises on mosquito nets and food for those in need. He knows that Malaria can kill kids his age and younger and he wants to do something about that with any left over playground money. We told him we thought that was a great idea and that we would keep praying and talking in the weeks to come. We'll be sure to keep you posted once the building commences!!
Even though Osobie was extremely sick, he sure was a great kid while in the hospital.
I'm one happy, grateful and proud mama!!

Home at last!! Osobie and Fatu enjoying a visit from their cousin Mackenna and Auntie Mekay. Here they are trying to keep from getting anyone else sick!
Oh,...and YES, we are leaving for Uganda still! Due to Osobie's health, we've pushed back our date by a week. We are aiming for November 9th but our tickets have not been changed yet. We'll be sure to post before we say "farewell" from this side of the world and then I'll do my best to update once our feet are settled on African soil. Thanks again for the prayers and love!!