Monday, April 21, 2008

An African Extreme Makeover??

I wrote this post a few weeks ago and I think now is the time to share it since Ruth’s need for a home and help is crucial.

Last month I sent in an application DVD for ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER: AFRICA ADDITION!! For 2 years now I felt like the Lord prompted me with the idea of sending in a video of our good friend, Ruth Mugas orphanage and ministry, Bethesda International. Ruth is the founder of Bethesda and cares for hundreds of orphans and abandoned children. (Check out my previous posts and help one of her kids with school fees!) I was a big fan of ABC’s extreme makeover because I love to see people’s lives changed! People who are selfless and generous or those who have traveled a very hard road are given a “huge break”, hope for a better future, and of course a saaweeet new house!! I’m in tears during almost every show and that night I crawl in bed and think about how much our friend Ruth is so deserving of an amazing blessing like this!!

So, ABC, has been going now for what 2 years? They have updated the show a little here and there to keep fans watching. I think there will have to be some major changes in the seasons to come to keep their viewers intrigued, especially since next week is their final show, completing their 50 state tour. So,…I have an idea!

ABC goes global!! Starting with Ruth Muga & Bethesda International in Jinja, Uganda!!! Couldn't you just see it now?
I already have a plan…ABC starts in AFRICA and visits every African country. Then they move on to China, South America, India, and the list goes on. With 15 million AIDS orphans in the world, and 12 million of them in Sub-Saharan Africa, it seems like an ABC Extreme Makeover: Orphanage style is timely. Our DVD is in Los Angeles right now, either sitting on a shelf or in someone’s hands…waiting to decide if they should fly with a crazy idea like AFRICA!

Would you take the time to write a short note, seriously, nothing long, just to the point? (I just got word from a friend that Denise makes most of the major decisions for ABC so... you can address them to her!)
Dear Denise Cramsey,
I would love to see ABC choose Ruth Muga & Bethesda International from Jinja, Uganda for a makeover and embrace the idea of doing an Africa Orphanage edition. With 15 million orphans world wide, and 12 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa, an orphanage edition would be timely.

Send to:
Lock & Key Productions
Family Casting / Attn: Denise Cramsey
P.O. Box 38670
Los Angeles, CA. 90038

That’s it! It would take just a few minutes and the cost of a stamp and who knows…maybe this crazy idea will fly!! Thanks you guys!! Please consider sharing this with your friends & family. I’d love to flood ABC with letters!!


Johnson said...

We'll be sending in a letter.

Charity said...

I will send a letter too!!


Redeeming Waters International said...

I know the Executive Producer of this show..she is my best friend's Ex-Wife...I use to hang out at their house when they were married.

Her name is Denise Cramsey! Have people address her in their letters. She makes big decision like changing locations or going overseas!

I haven't spoken to her for a while, but I'll shoot her an email!

Anything can help!


Brandi said...

Can you PLEASE find us an email addy?

Also, how about hitting up TLC's "Divine Design"?


amber said...

I LOVE this idea!! I am praying and will send a letter. This could be a HUGE opportunity for many, many orphanages starting with Ruth's.
I love inspired ideas like this...

Love, Amber

Lisa G said...

Saaweeet IDEA!

Tomorrow I'll drop a letter in the mail :0)


jeff & katie said...

Katie B.

Life in Fitzville said...

Cool idea! Extreme Makeover was just in our town, and did the house of a friend of mine. It is airing Mother's day weekend... sure to be a complete tear jerker!

I will definitely send a note off!

Donna Barber said...

This is a great idea!!!