Thursday, July 15, 2010

WE NEED help feed kids in Uganda!!

Okay friends!!! We need your help to bless these children! This is an easy one, well kind of...

Bethesda International / Rapha School in Jinja, Uganda has the opportunity to win a "breakfast of your life", worth 5000 Euro, which is $626 dollars. Of course "the breakfast of my life" will take place in Uganda, at Rapha School to be exact, with about 300 children from the school and surrounding homes and ...guess what... it will be better than the usual thin porridge!!
The only issue is that the contest is in Germany, and the website is in German. Friends of ours in Germany that are partnered with Bethesda International and Rapha School, have entered the contest to win this for the kids. So,...all we have to do is go to the German website and click to vote for them to win! It's a bit complicated because the whole site is in German so I had Susanne, the woman who entered the contest, write me instructions on how us English speaking Americans can vote. Below is her explanation and so please take the time to vote!!!

If you go to this link: German website called latta

You will see (in the blue area on the right side) the line: "Diesen Beitrag bewerten und zusätzlich gewinnen" and below you see 5 blue stars. You have to click on the fifth blue star (the one on the very right side), which means it is a five-star-rating. The more 5-star-clicks we get, the higher the voting.

For multiple clicks you need to use this link: German website

You will see our entry, Susanne Bulungi, if you scroll down. It's about the 5th page of entries, it has a picture of Rapha kids eating in their orange uniforms. Then you have to click on that entry and the rest works like before (clicking on the 5th star). After giving your vote, you can close the window again by clicking the X in the top right corner. After that you can vote again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Heartbreak in Uganda

Jeff and I have been saddened to hear of the bombings in Uganda. It hits very deep in our hearts since Uganda has become our second home filled with many friends and people we consider family. We are praying for all the family members and friends that are grieving the loss of their loved ones. Click here for more info on the BBC Africa page.

We also learned that one of the people who died was a man who worked for Invisible Children. Jeff, myself and our friend Stacie were able to visit IC and see some of the schools they have rebuilt in Gulu. They have an incredible group of folks working and volunteering in Uganda.

here to read more about Nate and his service with IC in Uganda.

Please keep Uganda in your prayers!