Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thoughts from the mountains...

As I write this, Jeff and I are staying at our friends’ condo in the mountains!! What a blessing they have given us! Jeff found out on Monday that he would not start his new job until next week Monday, so he had a surprise week off! Our dear friends own this condo and offered us to stay as long as we wanted!! Thank you Jack and Lisa!! It’s gorgeous. The colors are in their peak! Reds, yellows, greens, browns…a beautiful display of fall. We needed to get away. Spend some uninterrupted, un-stressfull time with each other and God.

As far as our adoption, even though we were verbally denied our visas, we still have options. We have researched the appeal process, we have looked into other visa options, and we have looked into the option of moving overseas for 2 years with the kids. We are currently still investigating our case as we have received some new information we need to process. So, we will take the next week or so discussing our options with our immigration lawyer and deciding how to move forward. Our prayer is and always has been “Lord bring your truth” and “Lord, your will not ours”. We believe Fatu and Osobie are our kids. The Lord has made that very clear to us and we continue to stand firm in His promises and truth. THANK YOU for continuing with us! Thank you for your encouragement, your prayers, your reminders of God's truth...they are all going straight into my journal project..."BOOK OF HOPE" that I am compiling with God's promises and truths he's spoken to me over the last 10 years. We are blessed by your continued prayers for Fatu and Osobie!! Until they are home, we will be on our knees!

Okay…so, this next writing is a little long but I feel like I want to share what the Lord has been doing behind the scenes over the last 2 months. Looking back on the last 2 months, the Lord has been preparing us for what we would face here and now with our kids. As we wait for more news, I will continue to blog about what the Lord has been doing and saying, maybe to encourage us all. He knows the plans he has for us!!

I wrote this in mid-August 2007 :

Last night I couldn't sleep. I felt like I was supposed to share this so bear with me. Maybe this is just for one person…I don’t know….but here goes….
11:30 pm It seems like all of us, who have embarked on this journey of adoption and listening to God’s call on our lives, have found ourselves on a very rugged and tough road. (I know someone else blogged about this?) Well, I just wanted to share our story & God’s goodness in the pain, struggles and trials we have faced since we started our adoption process.

In November, we lost my brother-in-law tragically. He died of a pulmonary embolism. He was 33yrs. old, husband to my sister, and dad to a 1 1/2 yr. old daughter. I had just chatted with him 2 hours before he died. This was a complete tragedy that rocked our world b/c we were very close to my sis and Matt. Two weeks later, we received our referral for Osobie and Fatu!! Talk about a rough time. Amidst deep pain and sorrow- God brought life and joy. God’s true joy stepped into a very uneasy situation. As we continued this process- cars broke down, dog almost died, Jeff’s Dad had serious health issues, bills, house, problems, and much more met us on this path of adoption. Just this week another whammy!!! My husband was starting a new job. He was to start his new job on Monday, and today was to be his last day at his old job. On Tues of this week, we get a phone call from his new job stating he could not start work for another month! Total Freak out!!!!!!!! We cannot afford to miss 1 paycheck, let alone 2!! I only work part time and that is ending in 2 weeks! Just hours after the bad news we had planned to hang with our friends. As we walked out the door the wind blew on my face. It was dark out; a storm was rolling over head. And there in the sky was a brilliant rainbow, every color shining! I just stared at the rainbow and thought “God, now what?” “Here we are, and now what??” “How are we ever going to do this one?” and He said to me, “I promised you, I would never leave you nor forsake you”. I felt like God was telling me, “This is it Katie. This is what it is all about…..ME, your Heavenly Father, your good Dad, your God and Savior. Everything can and will pass away, but I remain. Jobs, house, friends, cars, stuff….that does not matter as much as this, our relationship. It may all be gone in a flash, but....I AM HERE, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU”.

All night I was still in shock, scared, confused, and uneasy and wondering what would happen. The next day, a miracle took place, Jeff’s old boss said Jeff could stay and work a couple more weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Total answer to prayer!!!!!!!!! Thank you GOD!!! What a relief this time!!!
Unfortunately, many of the trials and hardships we have run into along this adoption path have not ended with such joy and relief!! Matt’s death still shakes us everyday, the bills still pile up, cars are still broken, house is still not fixed up…weird odd problems still arise, heart aches continue to happen…





Okay, so I was suppose to blog this a month ago but I did not. It’s funny, a month ago, my biggest trials of faith were jobs, bills, and life stuff. Never did I think we would be in a place like this a month later. All the worries and cares I had are all put into perspective when faced with the possibility of losing our kids whom we have grown to love tremendously. Without us ever knowing it, God prepares us for what is to come in our lives. God was giving us opportunities to trust him and showing us again that He is faithful. Thanks God, for being our good Father. As we walk through this current hard situation of the unknown of adoption and the painful waiting, we will choose to remember He is good and He is faithful.


Tanya said...

We keep praying for you guys. What strength that you are drawing on during this time. You are living out what God calls us to do by trusting in His promises. Thank you for being so transparent in your posts so we can pray along aside you. Tanya E.

Bekah Mommy to 3 said...

Our prayers are with you lifting you and your family before God. I know that as adoptive parents our connection is just as strong as any child that grows in side ours grow in our hearts. Our wonderful Father God adopted us all, he KNOWS our hearts and the desire of our hearts. Your faith is strong and beautiful. If we can help in any way please contact us!
Bekah in Madisonville KY

adopting lady said...

We are praying and asking for signs of hope for you. We lift you up as children of God wanting to take care of two children of God.

Rachel said...

love you katie and jeff. we are with you in spirit on the journey. His Grace abounds. rachel and ryan h.

Scott and Katy said...

Praying for you constantly. Praying for wisdom and direction. Praying for truth!
Praising God for your retreat!
We are praising God with you for being God, in the midst of the storm and uncertainty.
While trying to navigate over and through the obstacles and dips along this hard road it has sometimes been hard for us to voice that though our circumstances are so very difficult, our Lord is still so very good.
Thank you for living that out and for trusting that we serve a good God, even during the bad times. And somehow it is on that hard road that we experience the depth of that goodness.
Love to you both,
Katy and Scott

Lori said...

Jeff and Katie,
We consider it an honor to pray for you and your family. Your faith is contaigious. Jay speaks of Jeff often. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to meet and share in part of your journey. Keep trusting the one who wants only the best for you and your beautiful children.


Th'e Knab's Adoption said...

My exact thought last week was to "Stop everything, stop youth group, stop all ministries we have been asked to do. I am to stressed out to do it, I am tired. Lord I don't even have the strength. We are obedient to your call but yet we ask for things, we wait, nothing. I am soooo frustrated. I am done". Ever since then God has revealed Himself to me more. Not in material things, not in things we so deperately need, His power in us. His said continue to do what I have asked of you, the rest will come into place.There was something that I so didn't want to do for church and I was waiting for fullfillment from it. I could be waiting forever because He said you do it for my fullfillment not yours. You and Jeff are called to much more than you know. You have touched so many lives. You are His disciples. Your heart is Africa, your childrens heritage, follow it. He will give you the resources. We love you guys and will support you always!!!!! Jaime

DeniseinSC said...

Katie, our family was praying for your family every day while we were in Maine. Actually, many times a day. When I was just sitting \on the kayak looking at God's creation, I would whisper, God, remember the Borcherts.... We are waiting with you, and will be praying every day with you. Much love ,Denise