Monday, October 1, 2007

Seasons Change

The leaves are turning and falling to the ground. The air is brisk, the evenings getting chillier and summer is long gone. Fall is a beautiful season and a pleasant change but saying good by to summer is also a reminder that we have gone through another season without our children home with us.

There are good days and then there are the bad ones. The change of season has brought with it grief. No, we have not lost our kids...yes; we are still fighting for them. But, I find myself grieving their absence. They should have been home by now. I was supposed to be a full time mom right now, making play dates, learning Liberian English, going to the doctors to see what fun things they brought home with them. But instead, I am putting away the unused summer toys. I had dreams and visions of Fatu, Osobie, my niece Mackenna and Kojo Lorenzen running amuck in our backyard playing in the toy kitchen, driving the kid cars and making memories. It’s so hard to put away all the summer clothes we’ve bought and collected. Even harder to walk past their bedroom staring in, hoping and praying for the day they will rest their heads on their beds. I miss my kids! I want them home! I want to be their mom! These are the aches of my heart.

Especially after seeing pictures like these!!!

In the midst of this God has brought his comfort and continues to give us His hope. We would not be where we are if He were not our strength, our hope and our future. I have to lean on Him during these hard days of waiting in the unknown. We have met with our lawyer and we are still waiting on more information about our case which we will share once it’s all figured out. So, we continue to pray, to seek God’s heart, to pray for Fatu and Osobie, for the U.S. consulate, for the other adoptive families, for Liberia, and for strength to get through each day.

Thank you to all of you who are waiting and praying with us and blessing us financially as we face more expenses than were expected! We love ya all and are blessed by your friendships!! We want to keep you all updated as much as we can but for now we need to wait for more info. Thank you for continuing to pray for us during this time! We are still in this, holding onto God’s promises and hope! We continue to need God’s wisdom, power, direction, favor, protection, comfort, strength and presence!

Until Osobie and Fatu are home, we will be on our knees!!!


jaz said...

Hi guys,
I ache with you, and am praying for you. I know EXACTLY what you mean about grieving when you look at their room--I have had ready, and then packed up, two different sizes of clothes so far for Micah, as our wait has been extended time and again. I'm probably going to have to pack up a 3rd size before we get him home, and it's those kinds of things that really hit me hard, too. I just keep chanting to myself, "God is not surprised! God is not surprised!" ;0)
With love,
Jamie Z.

Scott and Katy said...

On our knees with you!
Katy and Scott

Brandi said...

oh you make my heart just ache. . .literally painful inside my chest. I am praying with and for you each day!


adopting lady said...

We are praying with you, daily.

Missy said...

Katie, I've been following your journey closely and I must say it has been an honor to pray along side so many people for your family. My heart breaks for what you have been through but I am also filled with excitement because I just know that my God and yours is going to something really big here. Love, Missy (aoh adoptive mom)

~Rachel~ said...

Hi! My name is Rachel Whitmire and I met Jeff at the Royal in Liberia. I had forgotten your name, but saw the picture on the blog and went "I know them!". I will be following your blog now and praying for your adoption situtaion. We had a long, drawn-out process for Lillian and had many times that we were sure she would not come home. I know what it's like to be where you are right now. I will be praying that you have the same happy ending that we did.


Pam said...

Hey Jeff and Katie - we are thinking of you and praying for you here in Puerto Rico. I made a flier, with you and the kids pictures on it for all of the people in church, we asked them to hang it up to remind them to pray each day for you - they have all committed to pray for you. We are with you all the way! We know that the Lord knows the plans He has for you and your steps are ordered by Him. Love you all - your family in Puerto Rico- Ed and Pam