Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So below is the blog I was about to post an hour ago..…Then I got a phone call from the Alonso’s who spoke with the director of AOH. It turns out there was no meeting today. They scheduled it for Friday. Well, I don’t know what to write other than we really need a miracle to happen. If the visa woman does not issue the visa…we will have serious problems. This is it! This is on the floor, crying out to God time!! There is nothing else we can do but CRY OUT on behalf of our kids and the Alonso girls! LORD HELP US!! LORD we ask for your spirit to go before Patty and Eric and the visa woman, Alma. Lord we ask for you to move in mighty & miraculous ways for Fatu and Osobie and Malaya and Aries!!


Please pray for Alma’s heart to be softened and for resolution!

We cannot even begin to fathom our lives without
Fatu and Osobie. It's hard to believe our bags have been packed for 2 weeks and we were planning to travel
in 2 days and now we're faced with this!

We ask for your hand God, your truth, your way, your will Lord!

Wow…now I need to go read my previous blog

and ask God to help me really hang on to this truth!


God is good ALL the time….ALL the time God is good!

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this proclaimed from the lips of African men and women in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC (Congo). Let me say it again.

God is good ALL the time….ALL the time God is good!

In the midst of heartache; heartache that comes from saying good bye to your child, husband, wife, brothers and sisters from war, AIDS, disease…in the midst of poverty; poverty that shows itself in the swollen bellies of village children and young women selling themselves to support their family… in the midst of suffering, desperation, loneliness, hopelessness….In the midst of all of this… We hear…

God is good ALL the time….ALL the time God is good!

How is this possible? One word -Jesus. God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, to die on the cross for all of our sin, so we could be united with him in relationship forever. So we could be set free in the love of Christ, in the truth of God’s love, in the hope of resurrection, in the floods of God’s healing. This is how. This is how we get through the storms. This is how we stand when our knees are weak. This is how we do it. This is the only way I know how to get through times like these. TRUST, HOPE, BELIEVE in the ONE and ONLY, GOD the Father, who is loving, caring, kind, generous, comforting, peace-giving, trust worthy, faithful, and GOOD!!!!

THANK YOU AFRICA! Thank you for your hearts full of trust and confidence in our good God. Thank you Ruth, Vivian, Charles, Arthur, Mike, Mudekerezza….and all the other beautiful lovers of Jesus across Africa, who we have met and who have impacted our lives forever. Thank you for the reminder of truth, for the song I can sing even in the midst of all my stinkin’ doubt, anxiety, and fear!

Yes, I agree, I agree… I will sing with you all...

God is good ALL the time…ALL the time God is good!!!

No news. Not a word from Liberia. So….we wait. We wait and pray. We pray for God’s will to be done. We pray for Liberia, the consulate, Patty, Eric and for the other families (Alonso’s) who are also walking this hard journey. Thank you friends, family, strangers for all your prayer support and sweet encouragement! Thank you…we are feeling all the love!! You’re all just awesome!!! We are blessed to have you in our lives!! Thank you!!


DeniseinSC said...

Pryaing with yous sister...stay strong! We're in this with you! Love ,DEnise

Brandi said...

Praying / Pleading / Presenting Our Requests before the LORD right alongside you. Picture us all laying on the ground before the throne right along with you. There is a crowd gathered. A crowd that loves you guys and your kids. A crowd that is seeking the face of the God of the Universe. In front of that crowd, sits our God. A GOD who loves you more than you can fathom. A GOD who loved Fatu, Osobie, Malaya, Aries and Talitha before the creation of the world. A GOD who is not constricted by TIME and has already answered our pleadings with a perfect answer.

And so we pray,


Scott and Katy said...

Thank you for the encouragement you have given while in your time of need!
We are praying like crazy for you and will be praying w/o ceasing for Patty's meeting for you and Alonso's this Friday!
We can't wait for you to get your beautiful children home so we can rejoice with you!
We are staying the course w/ you, and as Brandi so incredibly put it, we are laying at the throne of the sovereign God of the Universe BEGGING and PLEADING before Him for His continued grace and mighty hand to work as only He can for His children!
Only by His grace,


Dono & Laurie said...

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL STAND(or kneel,or run, or walk, or crawl,or lay) WITH YOU THROUGH ALL THAT LIFE BRINGS!
Lorenzen tribe~
C ya tomorrow:)

adopting lady said...

We are right next to you!!!

amber said...

Oh, your hearts of deep faith and trust have just impacted me so deeply. You are inspiring and encouraging MANY people in the midst of the storm surrounding you.
We are interceeding for you... We will be praying all day for the meeting tomorrow... We are right there before the throne as well, beseeching the Heavenlies for release.

Campbell's Hope said...

We the White family are standing in the gap with you and your family at this time..Please know that prayers are going up all over the deep south.

much love,

Faith said...

On my knees for you tonight and tomorrow. May you have peace!
Blessings, faith