Sunday, September 2, 2007


No word yet....they are still looking for the grandpa. This is concerning because many folks have shared that it is easy to contact people in Liberia as most have cell phones. The hope and plan is to find the grandpa and bring him in on Tues. for a visa appt. This is of course if they find him, if he can make it in, or if he even wants to go the the appt. about continual surrender, crying out to God, and finding ourselves in desperate need of God's hope and comfort.

Also, other friends of ours, the Alonso's are in a troublesome spot as well. She was supposed to fly out Sept. 13 th to pick up their girls and now the visa lady is talking about requiring a DNA test for the grandma of the girls!! Please pray for their family as well!! Their blog is
We are in a battle! We are asking God to move in miraculous ways!!
Could you please be praying for breakthrough!!!

In the midst of all of this, Jeff & I are celebrating our 5th year anniversary!!!
We spent the day and night in Denver, and stayed in a sweet hotel in Denver called the Hotel Monaco! We've had a great time overall! (except for a minor thing like food poisoning or something, that kept me in the bathroom all night! ) yikes! I'm not a good sick person at all. We're enjoying our morning at our favorite coffee spot downtown called 'The Market'. We are about to crack open our 5 year bottle next! On the night of our wedding rehearsal dinner, all of our friends and family wrote on a sticky note where they thought we would be in 5 years. They loaded them in a glass bottle and now we get to break open the bottle and read our notes! This should be very interesting!! We'll post the funniest ones & let you know whose prediction was the closest!

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adopting lady said...

We are praying every day, multiple times a day! That is a great idea about the 5 year bottle.