Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No word yet

As I sit down to update the blog, my 2 yr old niece Mackenna is sitting on my lap watching. I opened our blog and she yells "There's Sobie"..."There's Fatu...Sobie and Fatu" "they're my cousins"!!!
Wow...talk about a heart breaking moment!! Mackenna has seen every picture, shopped for toys with us, heard us talk daily about Sobie and Fatu coming home. Lord, hear her cry for her cousins! Hear our cry for our kids! Make a way Lord where there is none. Do what only you can do Lord! We trust you completely!

The advisory board has not yet come back with a verdict. So...we will continue to pray and hope for news tomorrow! In the meantime, Jeff, myself, and the Alonso's are looking into what actions we can take to figure things out and get our kids home.
THANKS again to you all for fasting and praying with us!! We love you all!! Your encouragement and prayers are holding us up! Below is our last blog to keep folks up to speed on what's happening.

At the moment the U.S. visa consulate is not issuing visas due to discrepancies in our case. The consular is presenting our case to the state department advisory board to be reviewed. They will decide by Tuesday if the whole case will be re investigated or not. If they decide against reinvestigation....we would be at risk of losing Fatu and Osobie, which we cannot even imagine. Only God knows what will happen at that point. If they do decide on reinvestigation, we are hoping and praying this will give AOH a second chance at presenting our case. It would delay us probably a month or so, but at least in the end we would be able to bring home our dear children.
We really-really need your prayers!!I know we just keep asking for them...and I know you are all praying, This is all we have left. God's mercy. God's hand over and in all of this.
All of you who have walked this LONG journey with us.


Brandi said...

we are joining you in prayer again today. I was so hoping for an answer last night!!! We pray again today. We prayer for those that make this decision, knowing that OUR GOD can "turn the hearts of kings". Lord, your will be done (and PLEASE let it be that these kids come home!)

Love you,

adopting lady said...

Still praying like crazy...

blessedmommy said...

We are lifting your family up in prayer. May God surround you with His love and give you peace during this very difficult time.
In Christ,
Melissa Arnold (AOH family)

Rachel said...

praying for you katie, with all my heart. love you, rachel (josie's mom)