Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Birthday & more...

We celebrated O's birthday on Thursday, May 22! He turned 6 years old. We celebrated with Auntie M cousin M on Wednesday. ...then had the Lorenzen tribe come on Thursday for another celebration party!! O has been asking about his birthday party for 4 months. F's bday party was in January so O was itching for his turn!! We had such a great time celebrating our son. He requested rice and fish for lunch and pizza for his special dinner. His papa couldn't be happier about his son's love for pizza! Thursday was a crazy day here in Colorado. As I was cleaning the house, getting lunch ready and thinking about when I was going to make O's cake, my sister who lives in Windsor Colorado called on the phone.

"There's a tornado coming!" sis
"A WHAT?" kt
"A tornado...M and I are going to our neighbor's basement" sis
I looked outside and all looked okay other than a few clouds and a possible storm. I turned on the TV. I thought about where we would go if in fact we needed to take cover. I called Jeff and he suggested we go in the center closet in our house. Mind you our "closet" is more like a cubby. Possibly one of the kids would fit in there, but definitely not all 3 of us. So, I called the Lorenzen's since they have a basement. Laurie hadn't heard a thing about a tornado either. We ended up hunkering down in our friends basement for about an hour just to be safe. Unfortunately, Windsor, the city where my sis lives, was hit hard. Fort Collins was untouched. We got word after 2 hours that my sister and niece were safe and the tornado path missed their house by a mile!! What a day! There are hundreds of people that lost everything. The park where we just celebrated our niece's birthday had most of it's oak trees uprooted! It's hard to fathom the kind of loss these people are experiencing. O and F asked for days if a "Tomato" was coming. So, this was O's birthday.

We still took the rest of the day to celebrate O!


Dono & Laurie said...

Awwwww! Had fun partying with you Oso-b Hope you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
We love you!
All Lorenzens

Johnson said...

Looks like you all had a blast celebrating O's birthday!

S and K said...

Happy, Happy Birthday O!!!!

So glad you all and your sister are safe.

KT, your kiddos are so gorgeously full of life! I love it!