Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have been in one of those reflective moods lately. I don't know if it's the spring season inching it's way into full bloom bringing with it a sense of newness, life, possibilities and change, or if it's because Jeff and I are taking some time to pray and process our life, our future, and what God is speaking to us. It could simply be both. It seems like in the last few months we have been surrounded by many folks with passion for Africa. It's been like reuniting with old friends or something, but with complete strangers. Africa has ached in our hearts since the first trip we took in 2003 to Uganda. It's been in our dreams, our conversations, and our plans for many years now and it's just so simply amazing to connect with others who share in the same love. In our adoption and life journey, we have met along the way some fabulous families, who choose to live their lives following after God's heart. People who have caught or had a passion for Africa and are taking active steps in helping the poor of our world. Here are some of those folks!

Brandi, an adoptive mom has created KidsLAKE: a resource for kids to get involved in their world by challenging them to earn, raise, and save money for special projects around the world. Presently the projects are in African countries.

Jocelyn, another Liberia adoption mom has started Redeeming Waters International: their mission is to bring clean drinking water to the world's most vulnerable citizens by providing water filtration systems, hand pump wells, and sanitation education for orphanages in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Our new friends Todd and Holly Petitt have established Africa Bags: a non-profit corporation focused on creating economic opportunity in the African country of Malawi. By selling cloth grocery bags made in Malawi, they will provide a sustainable income opportunity for its residents. Additionally, use of these bags will diminish the need for environmentally hazardous plastic grocery bags.

Then there are our friends Kami and Jeremy Johnson, an adoptive family who are working with Addy's Hope to build an orphanage in Liberia. You can check out their site here: Orphanage Project Liberia.

And lastly, Jennifer & Greg Isaac, another adoptive family have started a non-profit called fromhivtohome. Through training, recruiting, and supporting adoptive families, they hope to pave a way home for the world's HIV-affected orphans, in particular children who are HIV+. If you do check out Jen's fromhivtohome blog post be prepared to be challenged, to feel uncomfortable, and to have your hearts and minds stirred, hopefully to action.

Phew!! wow... is this amazing or what? I feel blessed just to know these people and look forward to all the stories of hope, life, health, and transformation that will come from people choosing to act on their passions.


Brandi said...

oooh, I'm excited to go to "fromHivToHome" now. . .You haven't told me about them yet! Thanks!

Love you and feel the same about you. . like a reunion but with strangers, what a great way to state it!


Missy said...

I'm constantly inspired and challenged by all of these people.

Johnson said...

It is the support and passion from others that keeps us moving forward. Katie, you and Jeff have totally been the inspiration for our hearts to be drawn to Africa. How did I know that summer evening at SHE MEETS in 2006 that all this would be happening. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!