Saturday, May 24, 2008


to everyone who came to the benefit concert for Bethesda Int'l and those of you who helped make it happen!!
What a great night of music...
Thank you Greg Sanders (from Good Shepherd)
Donovan Lorenzen & band
& Thank you to Jason McBride
for keeping all the kids happy
with your fabulous balloon animals!!
& a final THANK YOU to all of you who donated so generously to help Ruth keep her ministry to Uganda's orphans running!!
We raised $1600!!


Brandi said...

Whoohoo!!!! All our checks should be in for the well and school too! Can't wait for you to talk to Ruth! Did you know that Jena is planning on visiting her while she's there next month? Praise Jesus!!

Love you,

jena said...

What an amazing night! Wish I had been there. I am sure it was one of those days where at the end, you were overdone with joy and your feet wanted to give out!

Missy said...

Fantastic Katie!!!

Johnson said...

This is really great news! Congratulations! We had a wonderful evening.

julie said...

thanks for updating.....such great news. how much closer are you to your goal?

Donna Barber said...

Thanks for the update- What a great benefit. And great pics too.

amber said...


Wish I could have been there... good music, good friends, and a GREAT cause!!!! What more could a person ask for???? :0)