Saturday, June 7, 2008


Hey all...a quick update on Ruth & Bethesda Int'l.
We have the final numbers in and I am in awe of God's goodness!! We have raised all the money for the well (close to $5000), we raised all the money we needed to cover the tuition & uniforms for 120 Rapha school children ($2000), and raised $2100 for Ruth's housing situation.
Thanks everybody for stepping up and making a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of Uganda's orphans. Ruth is overwhelmed by the love and support she has received from you all. She is extremely grateful!!
On a sadder note...Ruth lost their house this week. She said that times are getting tough in Uganda and landlords are asking for 6 months rent upfront in order to get into a house. The money for her house will go towards the rent and security deposit of their next house, when they find one. So, we continue to pray for Bethesda Int'l and praise God because of His faithfulness!!
we keep raising awareness about org's like Bethesda Int'l & supporting them, SO....

Grab a bag and support UGANDA!!
These bags are awesome!! I have 8 already! Stock up so you can stop using those darn plastic bags!
By purchasing one of these bags for $12 you will:
  1. Help Ruth & Bethesda International and hundreds of Uganda's orphans

  2. Improve the livelihood of the villagers in Malawi (the very people who make the bags)

  3. Decrease the use of plastic bags - the earth will thank you!!

I have only 18 bags left!! Get yours while you can! Just email me your order & address, and I will ship them out to you for free!!

Bethesda International- helping orphans in Uganda
Don't you love this?? Ruth is so excited about her new logo! I also have t-shirts for sale...they will be up next!!
The other side of the bag- Africa Bags: empowering Malawi...check em' out!

Just drop me an email if you would like to buy a bag for $12!



Brandi said...

Love, love, love the new logo! Tell Ruth I can't WAIT to meet her. . oh yeah. .and you!! Can't believe our meeting will be IN Uganda! Crazy world. .

I LOVE my Africa Bag. .I'll have to ask Greg about getting another one now!

Love you,
PS We just announced our June KidsLake project and will have the paypal button soon!

Dono & Laurie said...

I need me 2 of d'em bags! keep forgettin'....darn it-

Johnson said...

great post! Love the pics and I'm so happy to see all the fundraising going on for RUTH and you guys!