Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One Week in Liberia!


Today is the day we start rolling on our paperwork. First we need to get back all the old info and then we can begin to re-do the necessary documents. So... this week will be the week to get that accomplished. As you can is always hard to get things done in Africa so please pray for favor for the office staff at AOH. And of course, THANK YOU for your continued prayers and comments on the blog!! I read them over and over. WOW!!!! I am being lifted up by them! It is such a blessing to be surrounded with friends who are in LOVE with Jesus and seek our Father for His will!! He has been with me, strengthening me, sustaining me, and helping me gain His character through the trials. It is quite difficult to be in the unknown and at the same time trying to prepare and anticipate the kids actually being ours and coming home! I will probably not meet the kids until next week because I want to make sure the paperwork is turning out successful and we feel confident Alma will approve us. It is amazing how God gives you what you need for where you are at. He truly does meet all our needs. He is meeting needs I did not even know I had...since I have never been in this situation before. Please continue to pray, because we still do not know if we will receive visas after we submit the new paperwork. God truly is going to have to move mountains!! We release it to Him because he knows what the future holds for us and for Fatu and Osobie. What a time of complete surrender and learning a whole new level of trust in our Father. I continue to speak out loud to myself..YOUR WILL LORD. That is it. We have to rest in Him and in his character. He is all I have. He is my everything.

I love it here!! I love AFRICA, what can I say. I have been trying to see what the differences are between East and West, since we've only spent time in East Africa. I guess there are a few that I have seen so far..the people are shorter and smaller, the hand shakes end with a "Snap", food a little different in flavor..they like it spicy!!! We went to the beach...what a beautiful sight! Immediate peace fell over me as we sat in the sand and swam in the ocean. I could have sat for hours listening to the roar of the waves. I am beginning to understand Liberian English a little, but it is hard to catch. I'm sure as the days roll on, I will catch it more and more. I hope to learn to "plait" today. The nannies rock at braiding hair and hopefully they can teach me!! (I don't think they know what a challenge that will be :))

Also, if you guys could continue to pray for Jeff while he is in Uganda. He has been going non-stop since he landed in Entebbe and has caught a cold. He is not feeling well so he could use your prayers as he has 4 days of village/field work ahead. He will be home in the states by Nov. 29th!! I miss my hubby so much!! We chat a little but it is quite difficult because he is in the bush so much of the time.


adopting lady said...

We are hoping and praying that all goes smoothly with your paperwork! GOD is wonderful!

blessedmommy said...

We are praying and believing God for a miracle! God is in control and is working His plan. Allow Him to sustain you during this uncertain time.
"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn,
the justice of your cause like the noonday sun." Psalm 37:4-6 (NIV)
In Christ,
Melissa Arnold (AOH family)

Tama said...

We are praying too! The battle belongs to the Lord and we serve an awsome warrior! We are on the battlefield with you lifting your arms for the victory! Be encouraged and rest in Him.

Missy said...

It must be so hard being that close to Fatu and Osobie and not being able to see them. You will remain in my prayers until they are home in your arms. Have fun learning to plait. Love, Missy

Rachel said...

so good to hear from you katie!!!!! praying for you and your precious family daily. love, rachel h. (josie's mom)

Faith said...

Praying for every single little thing that could cause problems and that you would enjoy your time in Liberia.
Blessings, Faith

heidi said...

I love you SOOO much!!!!

Diane Larson said...

Just wanted you to know we are praying for you. Also, this is a long shot...but do you happen to know Jeff and Nana Tonkin or any of their kids: Mara Smith, Colleen, Brionn or Eric. They are my aunt and uncle. I know you are busy in Africa but if you know them let me know some time. We are also adopting from AoH, but are waiting for our referral.
I so admire your tenacity and am praying for you as you are separated from your husband.