Sunday, March 2, 2008

A sweet home coming!!

Jeff got on an airplane today and we're hoping he will be arriving tomorrow night!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!

*******Got a phone call from Jeff this morning 5am...guess what??? He's stuck in Belgium!!! This is unbelievable!! The kids are starting to wonder if papa is EVER coming home!! Please pray he makes it home tomorrow!! He has been in travel mode for 4 days now!********

Now...about the day we have been praying for...the home coming of Nyenna and Titus!! Tears and butterflies were swirling as we saw Laurie, Kelly & the kids come up the escalator!! What an amazing blessing to be able to witness God's faithfulness and promises come to life in the form of 2 little children! Nyenna and Titus were finally home!!! Nyenna was all smiles and Titus was running around like a goofball and life couldn't have been any sweeter than at that moment. We've walked a long journey together as friends and have shared many tears and prayers waiting for our kids to come home and God has been with us all the way, speaking to us, stretching us, whispering His truths in our hearts, teaching us to trust and preparing us for the children He chose for us. It seemed surreal to stand in the middle of Denver Airport with Kojo, Osobie, Fatu, Nyenna & Titus together...finally. I don't think any of us could have dreamed it could be this good!! I think it was even unbelievable for Fatu and Osobie because they just kind of stood there, staring at Nyenna and Titus. Of course as soon as it all sunk in, Fatu was holding Nyenna's hand and Osobie, Kojo and Titus were giggling together in the back seat. :)
You AMAZE me Lord!! I'm in awe of your ways, your kindness, your goodness, your faithfulness, YOUR LOVE!!!
Osobie and Fatu were singing a song they made up for the special home coming day! It goes something like this...

You did it....You did it
Nyenna and Titus comin' home

You did it...You did it
You moved mountains

Who did it? God did it
No more trouble today

You did it....You did it
Laurie, Nyenna, Titus comin' home

You did it...You did it
Who did it?

God did it

That's it...that is it, GOD DID IT!! We praise you GOD for what you have done!


Brandi said...

Ok, that song made me cry!! Yes, HIS name has been glorified in this journey. What a cool thing for Fatu and Osobie's spiritual journey to have watched the Faithfulness of God come to fruition. This will be a standing stone for both of your families, adults and children alike for generations!

Thank you Jesus! Who did it? YOU DID. . and may we never forget it!


S and K said...

Praising the Lord for Titus and Nyenna's homecoming and so thankful you posted these pics.

Praying for Jeff to come home ASAP.


Johnson said...

Oh that is just awesome! 5 Liberians all together! FINALLY! YAHOO! We are so very happy for your family and the Lorenzens. We are praying that Jeff comes home soon. Thanks so much for the pictures. That is fantastic!

S and K said...

Is he home yet????

amber said...

Wow... AWESOME song from your kids; awesome stories about the kids seeing each other again; awesome pictures... and AWESOME God we serve!!

I hope Jeff made it home safely by now!!!