Sunday, March 9, 2008

Family Times

50 degrees and lovin' it! Jeff, the kids and I raked our whole yard and did a little spring cleanup. Boy did that feel good! I LOVE working outside, sweating, taking in the fresh air and playing in the sun. I am so excited to start our garden this year because I'll have 2 little helpers when it's time to pull weeds! Osobie and Fatu each want their own garden. Osobie told us he wants to grow hot peppers! A boy after his papa's heart!

Papa-son the Avalanche Hockey Game
Our turtle's (Gideon) first day out of hibernation! The kids were a little unsure of him until he started walking and then they cracked up at his slow crawl across the grass.

A little drama queen! Falling on the ground and being a nut We had mama/daughter and papa/son days this past weekend so Jeff took Osobie to the skate park and an Avalanche Hockey Game! (thanks Mekay for the tickets) My sis has all our photos from our girls day so I'll update later!

Osobie grooving out to some Ben Harper!
Brother and sista love! They really are wonderfully sweet to one another and play together without fussing about sharing toys! What a blessing it is to watch them laugh, dance, sing and invent new games everyday. They love to play cook. They run around the yard collecting sticks and tell me they caught their chicken! Then they proceed to make a "fire" and place their pots full of "rice" and "potato greens" on top to cook.

Osobie is out of his skin happy to have papa home to wrestle with and climb on!
More ice cream smiles

ICE CREAM!!! this completed our family night

FAMILY BED!!!! We all piled on the two mattresses in the living room and had a great family night! I think we'll make this one of our family fun treats every once in awhile!

We are so happy papa is home!!!


Alward Family said...

What great pictures and what great times! Scott and I love to split up, every so often, to do our own dates with the kids. And family movie nights are the best and such a wonderful tradition. The kids think it's the biggest treat to be able to eat dinner in the family room on a blanket...our own indoor picnic.


Brandi said...

What fun pictures! I'm so thrilled with your family finally being united again!!! Yeah.. .with everyone home it probably feels like you can all breathe a big sigh of relief!


S and K said...

What amazing pics... thank you, than you, thank you.

So, we have to get our kids together some time to jam to Ben Harper together... C's favorite song in "Steal My Kisses" and JR's surprisingly is, "The 3 of Us"... he does this slow, creeping time groovy dance... I'll have to record it.

Yay! Daddy's home! I can't wait to say that on behalf of my family!!! So, so happy for you.


Johnson said...

I love the pictures!!!! What fun!

Jocelyn said...

I am so happy Your man is home. The kids look so happy to be a whole family again! And I'm so happy you have your partner back...we'll miss you in the single mama club! Feel free to visit anytime!



amber said...

So much fun to see these pictures! Everyone looks thrilled to have daddy home!
We've been starting our spring clean-up outside, too. Boy, it feels good to get outside and work hard enough to take off the jackets!! :)