Thursday, March 6, 2008

PAPA IS HOME!!!!!!!!!

Papa came home!! Praise the Lord!! He made it in safe and sound on Tuesday night and the kids are freaking out!! What a huge difference in their JOY level!! They are so glad to have their mama and papa together finally!!
Unfortunately I lost all the photos from our second family reunion because I was messing with the camera and accidentally erased them all!!
Well, we'll just have to take our next family photo in our Ugandan outfits papa brought home for us!! We made a family bed night last night, we pulled our mattresses on the floor in the living room and all slept together! We ate ice cream cones and and watched Flushed was fabulous!! Thanks for praying for us peeps!! We love you guys!!
more pics to come....


S and K said...

Oh yeah! So excited. I actually became a little teary thinking of our soon-coming homecoming... only 2.5 more months!

I LOVE your family fun.

Congratulations... can't wait to see pics... did you take pics of your sleepover????

We're watching a DVD of Scott right now and Midge keeps kissing the screen.

Love ya,

Johnson said...

That sounds like a fun time! We are so glad to hear that Jeff made it home safe and that the 4 of you have been enjoying each other. Bummer about loosing the pics, but it will be great to see you in your Uganda outfits!

Call me and we'll get together very soon.

Alward Family said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are one big happy family again! When you guys, all you FC families, are all settled down we would love to come up to meet you all!!


david santos said...
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