Saturday, March 1, 2008


Jeff called today,...the airplane never made it to Entebbe, Uganda due to mechanical problems! Please pray he is able to get on a plane tomorrow so he can make it home Monday!! Thanks!!Just a few hours before we will welcome home the Lorenzen gang!!!!:)


Johnson said...

Have a great time with the Lorenzens!!! Praying Jeff comes home in the next two day!!

Brandi said...

I was just sitting here thinking of you guys welcoming home the Lorenzens and smiling!!

I'm so bummed for your kids especially! I know you guys have been counting down the days to see Papa!!

Love ya. . ."remember. . hope deferred!"


Scott and Katy said...

aren't those last two days the WORST... especially the last 24 hours before our men come home.
I know how bummed you must be... praying he is home by Monday!