Thursday, October 30, 2008


okay, so some more pics! just random ones again. I forgot to put my blog post on my jump drive so i thought i'd just add some more photos while i am at the cafe. thanks for all the comments, i just love hearing from all of you!! i'll try to stop by your blogs as soon as we get internet at the house (pretty amazing eh?)
  • brandi & the kids, not sure why my photos are looking so dark on the screen?? anyway,
  • the kids and i in a beautiful church in the villages where jeff works.
  • the next photo is for our friends Dono &Laurie just for a chuckle!! shouldn't all our toilet paper be named JOY!!!!!!!!!
  • jeff --the rat trapper, in his element! last Saturday the kids and i went with him for a day of checking rat traps in several villages
  • the kids in their make shift bed in the hotel, gotta love the mosquito nets!!
  • the last pics are taken on the 15 seater airplane to Arua

love ya


jena said...

Love the pics! Praying for you guys as you transfer from hotel to home.


Johnson said...


Lori Kettelkamp said...

Katie and Jeff, we love keeping up with you via blogging. How great to see the wonderful pictures. Your family is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your lives with us. Jay loves looking at pictues of Africa. We will continue to pray for you.
Alan, Lori, Chris, Clay, Jay, and Sophia Kettelkamp

Dawn said...

Katie, so happy to have found your Blog and read up on your amazing journey these past few years! God bless ya girl and the family! I am in tears joining your heart for the fatherless! Praying for you!

Crystal said...

Praying for you!!!!