Sunday, July 27, 2008


It is with deep sorrow and heartache that we share the news that our dear friend Ruth Muga went home to Jesus last Saturday. Many of you who know us and have followed this blog know that Ruth was one of the most amazing African woman we have ever met and the founder of Bethesda International in Jinja, Uganda(1995) and cared for hundreds of Uganda's orphans.
The day we met her in 2003, she was permanently woven into our lives and hearts by God. She is one of the main reasons for our love and passion for Uganda. We have been working with her for many years and had planned to expand our partnership with her in the coming years. We were so looking forward to next month, when we leave for our 6 month stint to Uganda, and be reunited with Ruth and the kids. She has given her life to the children of Uganda and has transformed so many lives by her love, support, encouragement, devotion, and care. We are absolutely heart broken and still in shock due to the fact that it happened so suddenly. We spoke to Arthur, her husband, and he said he was holding up and was blessed by the people supporting him during this time. Ruth and Arthur were currently a family of 15 before Ruth passed. Most of these children have never known a mother or father other than Ruth, so please lift these children in prayer. I know there is a deep loss in the Bethesda families and the city of Jinja as Ruth was a mother and friend to all. Please be praying for all the Bethesda foster families, children, Arthur, and the Bethesda community as they navigate through this painful time. Please also be praying for the Bethesda Int'l. ministry, that the Lord will speak and reveal His plan for Bethesda Int'l's future. Once we find out more info we will update you with prayer requests and even ways to get involved by supporting Bethesda Int'l so that their ministry to Uganda's orphans can continue.

With a heavy heart but holding onto God's faithfulness and goodness!

****In 2003, on our first trip to Africa, we drove away from Bethesda and waved goodbye to Ruth and the children. Tears streamed down my face as I thought of all the orphans in Africa and the hard work ahead for Ruth. The Lord spoke to me and gave me this verse, "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you" John 14: 18. It is underlined in my bible with the date 6-05-03 & Bethesda written beside it. God has them in His hands, period. He will not and has never left them. Even though Ruth has gone to Heaven, He is right there by their side watching over every child, tending to each of their sad hearts right now. What comfort that brings me.


Brandi said...

Aching with you. . .I am so sorry, Katie! Praying also for the future of Bethesda and the children and families in grief right now.

Love you,

jena said...

I was so upset when I heard about Ruth. She was at the top of my list to see when we travel. The grief her family and children must be feeling... can't imagine. And there are a lot of children who she is mama to.

Would love to hear about your travel plans. Will we be meeting face to face?!?


Johnson said...


We can't imagine the pain you are feeling. We have been praying for you since Laurie emailed last week. This is so sad, and we are so sorry that this happened.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Even if it is just to order dinner and have it delivered at your home.

luv ya,

julie said...

we are so sorry to hear this news. it is difficult to make wonderful friends and then be so far away from them....especially in times like these. God has used Ruth to take care of some pretty special little peoples! :0) we will be praying for your family, her family and the children.

Jocelyn said...

Katie, I am so sadden to hear this news. Charity called me to tell me and we both felt a deep saddness over the Loss of Ruth. We were both looking forward to working with her next year with RWI... Her family as well as yours is in my thoughts and prayers!



Lisa G said...

Dear Katie,
I never had the priviledge of meeting Ruth, but from your blog I felt like I was touched by her life. She was a courageous warrior for our Lord and continued faithfully in the face of many obstacles. There are not many men or women in this world who have Ruth's spirit and passions. I am truly sorry for the loss of this precious woman, but will hold fast to the Lord's unfailing faithfulness and His abiding love. I am so sorry - I know you will miss her deeply and truly.

Mike and I will be praying,

Donna Barber said...

How sad to see a beautiful soul leave this earth. What a blessing she was to so many. God is good.