Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our first family road trip!

Boy, summer is just flying by! I am so behind in blogging. I feel like we are running top speed everyday. We have been home for a week from our trip to AZ and now we're leaving tomorrow for Michigan on another road trip. Squeezed in there was the 4th of July festivities which I'll have to post about later or just send you to the Lorenzens blog for an update. We packed our car and headed to Tucson, AZ for a little mini family vacation! Jeff was speaking and attending a conference for work so we all tagged along and turned it into a little family get-away. We stayed at the Westin Hotel; 5 pools, water slide, heavenly beds, room service, swim up bar, a gorgeous place! We got to pretend we were living the high life for almost 2 weeks!! The kids sported the infamous "wings" and they started swimming from the get go!! They are little tadpoles, especially Fatu. No fear of water at all. We had a blast and at the end of our trip, we were able to visit Jeff's family in Phoenix!! A good time was had by all!!

Great view at the hotel!!!
Jeff and the kiddos!! O and F finally got to meet their cousin Kyle. As you can see, they loved each other from the get go!!

F and Auntie Linda!!
the cousins hangin' out
the family :)

love this pic!
Uncle Brian and O enjoying the pool and mama's sunglasses
Grandpa B and O chowing on some wings!! We have to always remind O and F that we "don't eat the bones"...seriously!
Grandma B and F playing at the science museum!

The cousins first meeting

This picture says it all


jena said...

What an amazing time! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures...even managed to get one of the four of you... nice!

So are we going to meet face to face in August?!?! September?!?!

Faith said...

THose were great! Looks like you had lots and lots of fun too! Hey, do you have O's hair in twists? I really like it!

Brandi said...

Ok, that first picture looks like it was taken in front of a poster or something. . too beautiful. Love the car pic especially! How fun are your kids?! Can't wait to meet them. . in UGanda!

Love you,

julie said...

glad to see the update. you all look great and the trip looks like fun! i like the car pic....too cute.

DeniseinSC said...

Looks gorgeous! You all are such a sweet family..God is good. love, Denise

Johnson said...

I love all those pics! Looks like you had a great time!