Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving and moving forward

Did I mention that we are moving to Uganda for 6 months? I meant to share our news quite awhile ago but with summer flying bye and now Ruth's sudden death, I've managed to leave out our most exciting news! We are going to UGANDA for 6-7 months!!! We are still waiting on my husbands contract to be finalized for the exact departure date, but the plan is to leave the first of Sept. I've never spent so much time on the phone with insurance agencies, pharmacies, Colorado vital records, health dept's, passport agencies, dentists, and doctors. It's taken me 3 and 1/2 weeks just to get malaria meds for our family! How does one prepare for 6 months? I felt like I was doing pretty good at the beginning of August. I started packing up our house and was feeling on top of things. Then all of a sudden, we are 2 weeks from leaving and I have zero bags packed. I think I'll be bumping up my caffeine intake that's for sure!

We have been in contact with Arthur, Ruth's husband, and others involved with Bethesda Int'l and it looks like they are going to move forward with their ministry to orphans in Uganda. There is much to sort out within the organization so please continue to be praying for wisdom, discernment and patience for everyone at Bethesda Int'l. Please continue to pray for all the children who lost a mother, a care taker, a mentor, and a friend with Ruth's passing.

Some fun pics from our road trip to Michigan to visit family..

Great grand kids with Great Grandma Thieme!!

Great Grandpa Weber & Grandma Eleanor with the kiddos!!!

ALL THE COUSINS together- (technically 2nd cousins?)

HANGING WITH GRANDPA & being silly!!




Charity said...

Now those are some good looking sisters!! Love the kids faces on that one
Any luck with the paperwork??


Johnson said...

Great photos! I so want to learn how you do the black and white ones with one or two colors showing up. Teach me, please!

katy suzanne said...

love your pics! Here is my blog and my e-mail is: so we can keep in touch!
katy vicory

Johnson said...

I just bragged about you on my blog!