Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet sounds to my ears!!

Who needs a bigger house, new cars, and fancy clothes…..

When you have been given the best gift ever… our two little Liberian children. I have never had a child, never given childbirth but I have heard and seen that it can be the most painful experience ever!! What I have also been told is that as soon as that baby is in your arms all the pain, all the weight gain, all the days filled with morning sickness is forgotten in a flash. I think I am beginning to understand a little bit of what this is like. The joy and blessing Fatu and Osobie bring into my life have almost completely washed away the pain and hardship we endured to bring them home. Just the other week we were working on an alphabet puzzle listening to worship music. One of my favorite worship tunes is on the Enter the Worship Circle #1 album. (oh yeah, if you haven't heard the Enter the Worship Circle albums, first, second and third circle, I would highly recommend them).

It goes a little like this..

You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song

You are beautiful my sweet, sweet song

You are so good to me
You heal my broken heart
You are my Father in heaven

You ride upon the clouds
You lead me to the truth
You are the Spirit inside me

You poured out all your blood
You died upon the cross
You are my Jesus who loves me

You are my Father in Heaven

You are the Spirit inside me

You are my Jesus who loves me

You are beautiful my sweet, sweet, song
I will sing again

As the kids were putting the puzzle together they both started singing….

You are beautiful my sweet sweet song!!!

Over and over again.

I told them it was mama’s favorite song and they just kept singing. For 6 years I’ve sang that song. I remember when I first heard this song I felt like God spoke to me about what MY SONG would be. Everyone has their purpose, their cause, their fetish, their skill, talent, career, that thing that drives them, in essence, their song! I think for the longest time AFRICA was my song. I SO longed to go and once I went; I knew it was where God had called me. I lived, breathed and dreamed Africa. What I realized after having to put Africa down, again and again at Jesus's feet is that Africa could not be my thing. My thing,… my song would be JESUS. At least that’s what I want my life song to be…simply Jesus.

Hearing Fatu and Osobie singing and worshiping Jesus…that is worth more than new cars, a bigger house and fancy clothes, …

My prayer is that their life song would be Jesus too.


These families have been waiting and fighting to get their kids home for WAY TOO LONG!!


Brandi said...

Katie, I am learning this same thing. Jesus must be my song. So often, it is Africa when it needs to be simply Jesus.

Thanks for the reminder,


Rachel said...

There is nothing sweeter than hearing your little Liberians singing praise songs!

Jason and Laura McBride said...

This post is so encouraging to me! He will heal our broken hearts. And, we may not every know 'why' but we can stand firm in His truth. Your place in this process right now gives me so much hope. Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture of you singing with your sweet children.

Thank you also for the request for prayers. We so need them and we're so thankful for them!

Love you! Laura

Kamina said...

That is fantastic! I'm so happy for you. Can't wait to see you when I am back home.

amber said...

What a good reminder... thanks for sharing this post.
That's always been one of my favorite worship songs as well...
But I've never heard the album -- so I'll have to listen to it! :)

More of HIM and less of us...


Jamie said...

I love that song. How precious that the children sang it with you! And what a great prayer for your children!

Missy said...

I can almost hear their sweet little voices singing praises. How precious!
Love, Missy

Scott and Katy said...

Katie, we LOVE Enter the Worship Circles 1-3 too!
What an incredible moment with your kiddos! Praise the Lord for tender hearts!
We are hoping to be out of the Navy and on the mission field in 18 months. We are getting our house ready to list this summer, taking language classes (C LOVES it) and while Scott and I were talking about it, my little man C decided he was going to add in his two cents... He shared with us his desire to tell people about Jesus who have never heard and who need Him. He asked if he could come with us!!!! We assured him we would not be going anywhere without him! His heart is so tender also!
Anyway, our prayer, like yours, is that our lives and our kiddos' lives will be about Jesus and that He would be their song!

Katie, every time I look at your blog I just have to praise the Lord and my heart truly rejoices EVERY TIME I see pics of Fatu and Sobie home! I praise the Lord that you and Jeff stayed the course and that you put your trust in the Lord when it was not easy. I pray the Lord will completely replace the memories of the hurt and pain with joyful music from your sweet children! I feel blessed to have been a part of your "childbirth" experience through prayer... does that sound weird? Anyway, I feel such a connection to your kiddos and to your family it's such a joy to see them!

With all that being said, know that I am praying for you with Jeff gone... hang in there!


barb michelen said...
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Alward Family said...

There is nothing like the sound of children's laughter and singing. It warms the heart.


Missy said...

Katie, I know that I already commented on this post, but I thought of it again last night. I've been reading throught the red letters in the gospels as a followup to the book discussion on Red Letters and I ran across this verse.
"Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have perfected praise." I couldn't help but think your precious children and their sweet song and jsut smile.