Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gone for the week!!

Hey looks like I won't be able to keep up on my impressive blogging schedule for this week. We have some medical stuff we have to deal with, doctors appointments and such, so I'm just giving you all fair warning that my next update will not be until next weekend. In the meantime... here's some fun photos to look at!!

More photos from rock climbing... just practicing some under hangs with papa

Alphabet game! ... did I mention they LOVE school
(home school that is) !! good thing eh?

Please remember to pray for our dear friends


Brandi said...

Cute pics! As always!

Hey, was that forewarning to keep me off your back? hmmmm?

Have fun at the docs this week! I hate doctor days!!


Alward Family said...

Your kids are so good looking!

And thanks for the warning, I won't check back until next week.

Good luck with all the doctor's visits.

I can't wait for a Colorado Liberian day!!


amber said...

Just when I think they can't possibly get any cuter... they do! I hope I get to meet your kids in person someday to see if they really ARE that cute or if you are using photoshop or something! Ha! :0)

I loved the climbing picture, of course! Look at that kid go!


Jocelyn said...


Do the kids like the rockclimbing??? Jonathan and I do it and want to bring Isaac one day but weren't sure if he would like it. I notice that there are a bunch of photos of your little ones climbing! Let me know!

Also you are in my prayers for the medical stuff!

Love, Jocelyn

Missy said...

Katie, These pictures bring tears of joy to my eyes. It seems like forever ago that I was looking at pictures of waiting,empty rooms and toys that hadn't been played with. Now, just look at the smiles. I can almost hear the laughter and joy from some of the photos. God has truly blessed you all.