Friday, January 11, 2008

Birthday's, Giardia, and Goodbyes!!!


Well, it has been quite a busy few days... okay so I guess it's been a week since my last post! Thanks to my friend Brandi who is keeping me accountable to blogging!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Brandi, I actually need a reminder. I think I'm still adjusting to being a mom of 2 little energizer bunnies!
Last night I was in bed by 9 pm and here I sit at 9:37pm with heavy eyelids! Wow... and I use to be the most productive at night. If caffeine didn't keep my mind buzzing till all hours of the night I would be sipping lattes at 7pm so I could at least finish the book (
There is no me without you) I've been reading since October!

Okay so we celebrated Fatu's 4 th birthday this past week. Since Jeff was heading to Uganda, again for 6 weeks we bumped up her party so her papa could be there! Her official birthday we think will be January 12th. My sister and Kojo went all out and made her day! Fatu donned play hair extensions, jewelry, a princess dress and ballerina shoes. She is such the diva already! She was definitely the princess for the night.

We started traveling down the road of doctor's visits these last couple weeks and the kids did great. Whenever I talked about a doctor they would always scream "They'll choke me!!!" What we figured out is that CHOKE means they will get a needle poked in their arm. Well, as much as I wanted to tell them, No honey, the doctors will not Choke you... I knew that
they knew exactly what would happen at the doctors. Luckily our doctor sent us to the express lab for the blood work so they still like their doctor. We have some medical issues we are working through right now and we are trusting God will help us (and the doctors) navigate through them with wisdom and discernment. The funny thing is Fatu and Osobie think medicine is "SO SPECIAL". They love taking their vitamins and so far are doing great with taking their medicines. We have been battling colds and flu's for several weeks on and off but from what other moms have told me, this is pretty normal for kids in general. Oh how I am longing for summer!!!

Jeff left for Uganda yesterday for 6 weeks. Osobie was in tears and I was depressed. It seems like he has had to travel at the most inopportune times. I think this next season might be a bit more difficult than the last 2 months. Osobie and Fatu have attached and bonded so well with us. They have been almost "angelic-like" in many ways. They have had a pretty easy and peaceful transition into a new life, world, friends, culture and family. It has been so good that I wonder if they will start to grieve once they realize that this is it! They came home around the busiest time of the year filled with festivities, gifts, family visiting and fun activities. Once the reality sets in that real life is not a full time roller coaster ride, I wonder if their grieving will increase. We have had some beautiful and interesting talks about their Liberian families and we pray for them every night that they would come to know Jesus. I can tell that this brings them much comfort and peace from their expression of relief and smiles on their faces. But this also has started some tears and sad days. In all honesty, I feel much better about them crying and expressing sadness because through grieving God can bring healing. We do not want them to close off and stuff their feelings, so their tears, although hard to experience with them, are welcomed.

Each and every day I find myself staring at them, still in awe and wonder at what God accomplished amidst such a messy adoption process. What a joy! What a gift from God we have received. I just pray that I would be the mother God has called me to be to these children, my children, HIS children. I pray that we would first and foremost point our children to Jesus. I pray that Fatu and Osobie would grasp how deep and how wide God's love is for them. And can I just say, as a new momma.... I LOVE my kids!!!! My favorite line from today was...."Momma, da trees are dancing". ( It was a windy day). :)

The crew!!!!!

Kojo's lookin' good eh??

We all had to take a turn with the extensions!!!
My first attempt at flat twists!!.... 2 1/2 hours later!!! They actually looked okay!! We just got our first shipment of Carol's Daughter products so I can't wait to start using them! They smell yummy!!

Our family pic before Jeff left for Uganda!!! I have a new "do". I made an appt with my stylist who is also my great friend and she cut and dyed my hair!!! I always tell her that she keeps me cool!!!


Becky said...

Thank you for the update, Katie. It is so fun to be able to see pictures of your beautiful family. I will be praying for you while Jeff is gone.

: ) Becky A.

Becky said...

P.S. Your hair and Fatu's hair look great!

Kamina said...

You hair is super cute. Thanks so much for posting the pictures and stories online. I think you did a great job on Fatu's hair. Let us know if you need anything while Jeff is gone.

Brandi said...

Ok. . .If you keep up great posts like that I may have to request them even more often than once a week! Thanks for having not just pictures, but a great update as well! I really need both and one without the other just leaves me lacking, you know?!

Happy Birthday, FATU!!! You look super cute in your dress up clothes! What a pretty princess!

Katie, Love your hair too! Too cute and stylish!

Oh yeah, great job on the hair too! It looks great (but what do I know!) Have you gotten SNAPS, I hear they are the biggest rage! haha!


Jamie said...

Love the pictures! You did a great job on Fatu's hair!!! Hopefully when our daughter comes home I'll be able to learn to do that! Your hair looks great too! I love the picture you took before Jeff left. I'm praying too. 6 weeks can be a long time!

It is so sweet that you pray with the children for their Liberian families. I can't imagine the changes they've faced and will face. You're an amazing mother!

Charity said...

Awww! I miss you guys!! Thanks for all of the pictures, love the new hair!

Keep posting!!

DeniseinSC said...

What are "Carol's Daughter" products??? Do tell!! Love, Denise

?what are flat twists??? How did you learn them???

Alward Family said...

It looks and sounds like Fatu had a wonderful birthday! You did a great job on her hair. It must get easier and faster the more you do it, right...let's hope!

Hoping for an easy next 6 weeks for you in Jeff's absence.


Charity said...

Holy cow is Carol's Daughter expensive. What did you get???

Scott and Katy said...

Oh my goodness... so cute, love the pictures and love Fatu's hair!
Happy Birthday Fatu!!!!

Okay, so is it "choke"? We thought it was "juke" and then we translated it "shoot", but we never had any clarity on it... I know that drama well!

Praying for your 6 weeks to be smooth and to go by very quickly... don't you hate being a single mom??? Especially when you have such an involved husband???!

Blessings to you.

amber said...

I love the pictures, love the stories and LOVE the new "dos"! You are just a super-cute, super-cool family! :)

I will be praying for you guys while your hubby is away. I have a lot of admiration for single moms... and don't know how I would do it. Peter has been gone a lot the last few weeks on business and I sometimes feel like I am drowning alone here with my two! I am always SO glad to have him home again!