Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love for LIFTED Uganda!!

LIFTED Uganda aims to lift lives, families, and villages out of poverty through development of small income generating businesses.
Hearts and lives lifted…
Out of poverty,
Out of hopelessness,
Out of suffering,
Out of despair,
Into Life, Into Hope, Into Joy, Into a Future!
Our first small business is making and selling Ugandan crafts that are handmade by Ugandan mothers.
The first batch of 30 bibs have ALL been SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!


to everyone who purchased a bib and brought HOPE to a Ugandan mama. This income generating business is helping lift Ugandan families out of poverty into provision. With the money made from selling these one-of-kind African bibs, children are able to go to school, malaria medicine can be bought, and families can enjoy a nutrional meal. Your purchase has directly helped Alice, our first LIFTED participant. As of today, Alice is training 2 other Ugandan mothers to sew. The next batch of bibs will bring much needed income for 3 Ugandan mothers. We'll have more available in a few weeks! We'll be posting on FaceBook and here on the blog once we have the next shipment.

I wanted to share a COOL STORY from the one of the moms that purchased a LIFTED bib. Erin emailed me to place her order for a bib for their newest addition to their family, a baby boy only a few weeks old. His older brother J, who is about 9 years old (I think), heard about the purpose of LIFTED and wanted to do something to help kids in Uganda. J had $3.00 of his own and he wanted to give all of his $3.00 to Alice so she can use it to take care of her children. His parents told him they would match his generous donation and send an extra $6.00 along with the price of the bib. What an amazing heart J has to give all of his money to those in need across the globe! $3.00 is alot of money for a young boy and it will go a long way in Uganda. It's inspiring to see kids at such a young age embrace loving others!
Thank you J!
Check back in a few weeks for the next batch of 30 bibs!!

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