Saturday, November 20, 2010


We are so excited to finally announce the beginning of
LIFTED Uganda!
Read below for the full bio on LIFTED and how to purchase the bibs. These are the first hand made crafts from the LIfTED program. We started with 30 to sell and we have these 3 Handmade African bibs left!!
1 purple flower pattern with flower design (newborn size)
1 Yellow/Blue dot pattern with Flower design

1 Multicolored Stripes pattern with star design

This has been in the works for many years - from inspiration to the real thing! LIFTED Uganda was a hope and a dream that I envisioned many years ago and evolved as myself, Jeff, my sis and good friends put our hearts and minds together making it what it is today. LIFTED Uganda is working to see lives, families and villages lifted out of poverty through small income generating businesses. Through LIFTED, women are given the opportunity to use their creative sewing skills to make one-of-a-kind handmade crafts. In Arua, Uganda, there are many women tailors with great skills and creativity but who do not have work. Most families are struggling to provide for their children in the areas of food, medical care, clothing, or education. It is common for Ugandan families to care for their own children along with nieces, nephews, and orphans in their villages, making provision difficult for all. LIFTED was created to provide an opportunity for women to share their creavity with others as well as receive income from the sales of their crafts. The first handiworks we're selling are 20 African baby bibs!
Our hopes are to become a non-profit (once we can get paperwork finished....not my cup of tea) in the near future and expand to include additional aritists, tailors and craftsmen from Uganda. For now, purchases will not be tax deductible. All of the profits from the sale of the bibs will go directly to Alice, the first women participating in LIFTED Uganda.

The African Bibs are made of a waxcloth material and a form of terry cloth which are both found in Uganda. After 8 years of traveling to Uganda and living there part time for the last 2 years, there is one thing that stands out in Uganda: waxcloth! Waxcloth is found all over Africa and it is by far the most beautiful material I have ever seen! The bibs are machine washable and will shrink slighty. Each bib was made using a foot treadle sewing machine and detailed hand stitching. Each bib is a one-of-a-kind! The Hand Made African bibs are $12.00/each and includes standard shipping within the U.S.
We only have 3 left to sell from our first batch so get them quick!!

To Purchase a Hand Made African Bib:

Email Katie at with pattern and design, size (if newborn), number of bibs and shipping address. Once I recieve your email order I will send a confirmation email to ensure we have the bib/s you want to purchase. After you recieve my email with confirmation, then you may use the PayPal button or send your check in the mail. Please do not send checks or use PayPal until you recieve a confirmation email from me. Thank you!! Once payment is received your African bib/s will be shipped

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