Thursday, February 7, 2008

FRIDAY FUN-draiser!!!

Tomorrow night we will be headed downtown to our local coffee shop/church/music venue for an

adoption fundraiser for our dear friends

The Lorenzen's- (to bring home Nyenna & Titus)

It should be a great night of music, connecting with friends and probably a little dancing!!

Heck, you know the Liberian kiddos will be shakin' their booties!!!

Osobie and Fatu are going to be sporting their Liberian outfits and they couldn't be happier!! We even had an evening of "trying it on" just so they could see what they would look like tomorrow night!! I'll post again soon and give ya all a little update on our lives and post some photos from the fundraiser fun!!

Please continue to pray with us for these guys and
Praise GOD with us because our friends who had been fighting to bring home their kids are bringing them home this weekend!!!
I just checked out their blog!!! The McBride's


Brandi said...

Yeah!! I wish I lived closer and could come celebrate and party with you guys!

Have a blast. . .now, how are you weird? I just don't believe it!


Jennie Lou said...

Please post pictures afterwards!! Leon and Aliou (and everyone else)always gather around the computer to see Osobie and Fatu's latest event.

Kamina said...

Fun-draiser time!!!

Kamina said...
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Dono & Laurie said...

THANKS KATIE for posting this flyer! Kojo says,"I love you auntie Katie!" Yeah so we'll be there tonight...I'm pretty sure if you're anybody, you'll be there!:) Right? See you soon!
Thanks for all of your help...What do ya say....the Rio before hand? :)