Wednesday, February 13, 2008

5 weird things about me!!

Fun with dough!!!
gotta love the Snapaholics snaps!!

Okay… so I’ve come to find out my friend Laurie…(but really Brandi)…has tagged me to share 5 weird things about me…

convenie just happens to be my birthday tomorrow...YES, I am a Valentines baby!! It's crazy to think I will be 33! How did that happen?
My sister bought me an hour of relaxtion at my favorite spa in town to get a facial and then I'll be hanging out with my sister, Mekay, her daughter Mackenna and the ki
ds for a day filled with fun and chocolate!!
Okay, so now on to the 5 weird things about me!!

1. This is probably the weirdest… but unfortunately it’s TRUE. You all can ask Jeff when he comes home from Africa. Okay…. enough stalling…I AM OBSESSED with picking my feet. To begin with, I mainly “pick” in the summer time because I walk around with bare feet right? I basically just sit and pick at the skin of my heels and begin to peel layers of skin off. It usually starts because my heels are rough and cracked from cruising around all summer in my favorite sandals (Chaco’s) or bare feet. The horrible thing is that I will just pick and pick until my feet are raw and bleeding and I can barely walk on them!! No joke!! Jeff gets so mad at me because he knows that at the end of a couple of picking sessions I will complain because I can barely walk!!

2. Okay, maybe I should have saved that one for last….So it looks like my next weirdness is not so weird because other ladies have shared the same thing. I am cheap! So cheap that my sister yelled at me because every time I am over her house I take my shoes off and reveal hole-y socks!! It’s bad when you are too cheap to buy new socks!! It usually takes me a few months to be able to decide on buying anything over $20!! For example, I wanted one thing for Christmas this year…well 2…first my kids home!!! Thank you GOD! Second, I wanted a “mom bag”. I have been using a purse my sister bought me in Paris and I’ve gotten a gazillion compliments on it, but it is no longer practical. I have to ‘tote’ around hand sanitizer, loads of Kleenex, snacks (because kids recently home from Liberia are hungry 24/7) and everything else. So, it’s now February and I have yet to buy my mom bag! I have been to REI three times, been online, and shopped in various stores keeping my eyes open for my perfect mom bag. The problem? They are all too expensive and I am also super indecisive. So, it will probably take me another 3 months before I convince myself to buy one.

3. Okay… so as I sit here, think and type… I’m beginning to realize I am really going to sound like a freak after this next one. Oh well, you’ll all still love me even after I share right? I can honk like a Canadian goose! Yup. It all started back in 7th grade when I tried out for track. I was great. I ran fast and managed to get the nickname Speedy Gonzales!! And can you believe I was the best at hurdles? For those of you who do not know…I am a short one, coming in under 5ft. 3inch today! Anyway, when I started running and training for the track season I discovered that when I breathed too heavy, I would make a noise like a honking goose!! I guess I’m not positive that my odd sound matches that of the Canadian goose… but it is a goose sound at any rate.

4. I must have bad circulation or something because I am cold almost all the time. I will sleep with a down comforter in the summer!! In winter I have to cocoon myself in our comforter and even then, if there is even an inch of an opening in my blanket cocoon, I can feel a chill down my back and I cannot sleep until I have rewrapped myself. Hmm…maybe I was made this way because God knew we’d be living in Africa someday!!!

5. Lastly, not so weird but every morning I get up and make coffee. I am a cream and sugar girl so I swirl my milk and Agave nectar in my coffee and leave the spoon in my cup. I will carry my cup of coffee around the house with the spoon in it all morning. I will even take my coffee cup with the spoon in it, in the car with me when the kids and I run errands. The good thing is whenever we’re doing breakfast with friends I can always find my cup. It’s the only one with a spoon in it!


Charity said...

Happy Birthday My Weirdo Foot Picking, Honking Friend!
We are so excited to come and visit, and I hope you have an AWESOME birthday!!

Love ya!!! Hi to Sobie and Fatu!!


Dono & Laurie said...

Yep I knew it! TOTAL WEIRDO!!!!!!

Happy Birthday my friend from all of the Lorenzen tribe! Hey maybe if you would buy some socks that had heels on them, you'd stop pickin' your feet! MMMM:) Hope you saved your Christmas present for the summer!

WE LOVE YOU IN ALL YOUR WEIRDNESS! We celebrate the day of your birth- and say THANK YOU GOD for the life of your wonderful daughter!!

julie said...

Maybe you should have a chat with my 9 year old. She picks at her feet and peels her skin off. What is up with that??? She says that she "can't help it". Okay, that is weird....
Happy Birthday!

Brandi said...

Thanks for being so weird! ha ha!

I have to admit, I'm a foot and finger picker too. . More so of my fingers, but I do my heels a bit too!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Have fun at the spa, relax for all the rest of us too!


Jocelyn said...

Love it all! You are my weirdo Hero!




Johnson said...

Ok, you crack me up! Happy Birthday!

I love the dough!

Missy said...

Alrighty then. You are a bit weird with that foot thing.

I thought I was the only one who used agave nectar. I absolutely love it. I use it in tea all the time, but I haven't tried it in my coffee. hhhmmm.

Hope you had a great birthday!!


amber said...

Okay, I am a little late on my commenting here, but happy belated birthday!!... I hope it was as good as it sounded!

Your list made me laugh! Yep, you are a little weird! :0)
The Canadian Goose thing is funny -- but the really crazy thing is that I had a friend in high school that did the SAME thing!!

I love agave as well. And although I generally remove my spoon from my coffee, I am now contemplating adopting your weird trait #5 so that I can prove which cup of coffee is really mine... I swear Peter takes MY cup sometimes because it's fresher and fuller!! :)


Alward Family said...

I think you take the cake on the weird things. The foot picking and the cheap thing. I am so not cheap so that really throws me. I want to run out and buy you some socks and a mom purse!! I hope you got some new socks for your birthday!

Thanks for the laugh.


Scarlett_333 said...

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