Thursday, August 2, 2007

Prayer Needed!!!

Please pray.....there is now an issue with recieving Visa's from the U.S. Embassy office in Liberia. I am not exactly clear on all the details but what we know is that AOH(and all other adoption agencies) is only able to make appt's for visa's one day a week. Prior to this new system, AOH could go into the office during any office hours and make appt's. Basically we need to pray that this new rule/system is changed quick. This is a HUGE BLOCK and SLOWING of the process making it very difficult for AOH to get childrens visas. Without visa's parents cannot travel and pick up their kids. Once again... We SOO need your prayers!!! We have passports but now there seems to be an even bigger problem. MANY families are in the same boat as us and this will affect ALL the families adopting from AOH.
This is way oversimplified and I will update again with clearer facts.
What I wanted to ask again, and I know we all are, to

PRAY..PRAY>>>> PRAY>>>> PRAY>>>>PRAY>>>>>>>>>>Pray that the Lord will do what only HE CAN DO!!!!!
thanks for journeying with us as we struggle and wait to bring our kids home!!!


Heather said...

Praying for you here in Pennsylvania,

adopting lady said...

We are so praying. With the visa hang up, kids can't travel home. If kids can't travel home, the orphanage can't get more space for new kids. Without getting new kids, people can't get referrals. It is so amazing how many people this affecting. We so hope that the issue is taken care of soon so that you can go get Osobie and Fatu.

Campbell's Hope said...

I'm so excited for you guys..Any up-dates on whats next?