Friday, August 24, 2007



so...our Internet is down, or should we say our "our friendly neighbor's Internet" is not working....
Anyway, we have not heard a peep about the visa appointment or how it went. Donna, the orphanage director had trouble with the flights, was stranded in Brussels for 2 days, so she just landed in Liberia tonight! I am PRAYING we hear something soon!! Although with no Internet, I have been depending on Charity, another mother traveling soon, to keep me posted if she hears anything!!! I can't believe I haven't been visiting every coffee shop in town to check email everyday! It's probably a good thing, it can be quite addictive! In fact there is a joke my hubby, Jeff, Dono and other hubbies have made about their wives having an "affair with the computer"!!! I figure I'll hear something soon!!!! We just want to get rocking on booking our tickets!!!

I am PRAYING it happens quickly!! I'm ready to go now...well, not really, we're still packing, but it would be great to go the first week of September! That is our prayer!!! So, that's it for now!!
Thanks for your continued prayers and support!! Hope to post some good news like..."We're headed to Liberia!!!"

OH, and here is the latest pic of Osobie!!! He has lost his front teeth!!! Oh my...looks like we'll be visiting the dentist asap when he gets home!! Don't ya just love his big eyes with those loong eyelashes!! I can't believe we'll be with him and Fatu any time now!!

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adopting lady said...

I hope that you hear something very soon! Had a great time hanging out with you and Jeff yesterday.