Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Overflow of giving!




Wow...This is wonderful and you all are so amazing!! If you want to see some pictures of the baby shower of our friends Kami and Jeremy Johnson, go here!

THANKS everyone! We're super stoked to be able to bless so many Ugandan mama's with kits that will help them in the delivery of their precious babies. We will be ordering the kits once the final numbers are in and then off to the clinics to distribute! We will have pictures in some weeks ahead, so check back.

Please be praying for our dear friend Alice. She is a Ugandan mama of 3 and is due to have her 4th baby any day now! We are praying daily for her. Alice has given my sister the honor of naming her baby, so we're all excited for his or her arrival! Luckily for Alice, she will be having the baby in the hospital which is still a shocking site if you've not been to an African hospital. But there are doctors and nurses available to help during complications, so it is a better option for women who live near a town and have the money to cover the fees.
Alice and Fatu


Mindy said...

Fatu looks GORGEOUS in that photo. She looks like a happy and joyful girl, indeed.

Jeremy and Kamina Johnson said...

My heart melted when I saw that picture of the baby!