Monday, February 8, 2010

God's Love Playground***

***this is the name Osobie wants to call the playgrounds.

Wow... is it really already February? It seems as if we've been swept up in the New Year and just now finding some time to catch up on things like blogs!! We enjoyed our New Year in Kampala, the capital city, then returned home soon after that. Once home, Jeff, Osobie and I all got sick. We had a bit of a scare with Osobie when he woke up one morning telling us he couldn't breathe and his chest was hurting him. Within 15 minutes we had to make the decision whether or not he and Jeff would get on the morning plane to Kampala. After our bout in the hospital in October we didn't want to take a chance, so they got on the airplane that morning and were in to see the doctor by 1pm. They ran blood tests and listened to his lungs and all seemed to be okay other than he had a virus. They loaded him up on medicines and antibiotics and felt he was fine to travel back to Arua. Looking back we probably were a bit overcautious and overprotective but, after our scare in the States we didn't want to risk it. He kept his cough up until a few days ago but we think it's due to the fact that it's dry season here and dust is flying everywhere! There are many other friends in Arua that can't shake the bad cough either. Thanks to all who prayed for our little man!
Now for the reason I'm writing! We are close to completing the first swingset!!! We met with the elders and youth leaders of Ombachi village church several weekends ago to discuss the idea of a swingset for the church. We gathered in the hut, prayed and started the meeting with Osobie standing before the elders and sharing his heart. Wow! I could have let the tears roll then and there, but I stayed strong and sat still, listening to our son's desire for kids to know that God cares about them. We chatted about the details of the project, and thought through issues of security and supervision of the set during church. We inquired about their choice of color for the paint and they chose Osobie's favorite color, green! Our friend and house worker Jane is the Sunday School teacher at this church and she too is happy that her students will have a place to play!

We decided to use timbers for the poles and Osobie brought seats from the U.S. to complete the swing set. For now we are using rope to attach the swings but we are looking into another option that will last longer. We hired 4 men from Ombachi to level the ground and dig the holes for the poles. A whole Saturday was spent drilling the holes in the timbers which was much more difficult than we anticipated. I think Jeff made at least 5 trips on the boda to town to get a hand drill that actually worked! Where's a Dewalt when you need it?? Meanwhile, Osobie and Fatu played with the kids and waited patiently, praying that we would be able to get the hand drill to work. Finally, it did! Osobie was ecstatic, grinning ear to ear all day! He helped with every part of the work, as best he could. He especially loved using the measuring tape and level! The workers, "Fundi's" as their called in Uganda, poured the cement and we put the swings up!
Osobie took the first swing along with Fatu! There were many children watching and helping with the construction of the swing set. After it was finished the kids were a bit shy and fearful to get on the swing. I asked the elder why the kids didn’t want to jump on, and he said, “They don’t know how to play”. Yeah, unfortunately, we know this too well. When Fatu and Osobie first came home they didn’t know how to play either. It took quite a bit of time as they learned how to play with us, friends, and toys. Many children in Africa and elsewhere don’t have the opportunities to be children and play because their help is needed for the family to survive each day. They have responsibilities, chores, and for some, work to attend to. Osobie remembers this about life in Liberia. He remembers how hard simply surviving was and can be for many families. He is reminded of it almost every day in Uganda. He also now knows the joy of playing and wants to see that joy in the lives of other African children. I mentioned earlier that I held back my tears while Osobie shared with the elders. Honestly, there is nothing I can compare this experience to. Jeff and I’s hearts rejoiced as we sat in awe over God’s goodness to us and Osobie. We have prayed that our kids would know Jesus and walk with him all the days of their lives. I'm blown away that not only does our son love Jesus, but that he is already following after God’s heart at his young age. Two years ago he was living in the orphanage in Liberia, malnourished, sick, abandoned, without much of a hope or a future, and without knowing the One who made him. And to see him today; after all he has been through, sharing his heart of compassion for the children of Uganda, it's a gift that only God could give us. He stood tall and confident that day as he spoke that he wanted to build the swing set to show the kids that God loves them!
Thank you to everyone who has supported Osobie and his dream!
Thank you for your donations to make this project happen! Without your generous giving, we wouldn't be able to build playgrounds for the children of Uganda. YOU have brought FUN and JOY to these children and our hope is to continue spreading joy to any more kids of Uganda! We'll keep you updated on the next one!


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Jessie Lynn said...

Amazing! I'm SO crying right now! We love you guys and miss you much. I'm so proud of O & love his heart. Thanks for showing him that his dreams CAN come true.

Anjanette said...

I just showed our kids the pictures on your blog. We are so excited to be a part of this amazing gift. Thanks for giving us a chance to join you in Africa. :-)

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Sarah Pomranka said...

So thankful for the work you all are doing. Loved the Oswald Chambers quotation in your letter. Reminds me of that Experiencing God Bible Study we did... not what is your will for my life, God, but what is your will and how can I be a part of it. You two are doing the releasing so He can do the work. Blessings!

Brandi said...

Sweet friend!!!! Ok, now you have me missing UG even more. Grrrr. Greg is in South Africa right now THEN I spent my evening on FB talking to a afriend from Malawi and then getting caught up on Darbi Tidwell (did you know her? almost an AoH girl) who is in Zambia now!

I need me a dose of Africa!

LOVE sweet Osobie. So proud of his precious heart. You guys are amazing parents, you know that? I LOVE watching you mama these two. You do such a good job of teaching them about HIM more than anything!

Love you,