Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Uganda-through the lens

Peeking through the church windows. We were warmly greeted by some kids at our friends church one weekend. The Lugbarra word for "foreigner or white person" is Mundu (pronounced moon dew), as opposed to the typical Swahili word Mzungu, which is heard in other parts of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and DRC.
This is the famous "Osuubi" a popular Ugandan greens dish. This of course, is the reason why our son is one of the most greeted little boys around town, we're guessing. Everywhere we walk people call his name and send him a smile, a wave and a friendly handshake! He sure feels loved!! "Osuubi"....."Osobie"... cute!!
Even though Jeff is the culinary whiz in our family, on this night I rocked it! This is our new favorite dish and we've decided to make it our Friday night family meal. Mexican Lasagna with layers of chapati, rice, beans, salsa, corn, guacamole, grn peppers, tomatoes and topped with cheese!! (No, that is not cheddar cheese....but at least we can get Gouda at least). We love having an oven this year. It's opening up all kinds of culinary possibilities. Thank you Billy and Joanna for such a lovely home!!. Crafting at Thanksgiving! Thanks Aunt Lois for the sand art pilgrim people. We had a fun time making them on Thanksgiving!
Me and a grandma's feet. It's moments like this afternoon that I wished I spoke more Lugbarra. There's a love deep in my heart for the elderly. I know this is because my grandmother helped raise my siblings and I while my mom worked full time. I miss my grandma, who will be 98 yrs this coming January!!
This is our wonderful friend Alice! Last year she helped our family live our life in Arua by working at our house. She has taught me how to shop in the market, cook, understand Lugbarra culture, and a million other things. We are so grateful for Alice in our lives! As soon as we arrived in Arua, Alice was eager to have us over to her place for lunch one Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful meal with her and her family and toured around her community.

O and F playing with Alice's kids and neighbors

The ladies preparing our food at Alice's. This stove of Alice's was built efficiently to minimize the use of charcoal.

Alice's cassava crops. This is the one crop that survived during the drought season for many people including Alice and our friends Sam and Anna. Katie and our friend Anna that we've been working with and praying for as a family and a church. She has had to deal with some hard circumstances in her life but she is strong and continues to trust God with her life and her children's lives.

This is our friend Jocelyn, Sam's wife, and the sweet and adorable baby Katie!! She has grown so much since we left in April of last year. After just one visit she had already warmed up to me and let her Auntie Katie hold her!! Even Uncle Jeff got the chance to play a bit with baby Katie before she fussed for her mama.

Beautiful ceramic pots on the roadside in Kampala

Carrying a load across town in Kampala.


jena said...

Seeing the pictures makes my heart hurt for Uganda! It's been so long since I've been! I know I'll get to go back one day.... and I can't wait!

Lisa G said...

Dear Katie,
Thanks for giving us a "tour" through the lens of your camera - an introduction to the beautiful people and land that have captured your heart and spirit. Beautiful :0)

Love ya,

Dono & Laurie said...

looks like you'll be whippin up some mexi lasagna on one of our "friday nights" ! mmmmm-mmmmm!