Monday, March 2, 2009

Share the love!!!

As many of you know, Jeff and I have been working with Bethesda International for almost 5 years now! Before I continue, I also want to say THANK YOU for all of you who have supported Ruth, Bethesda, and sponsered kids over the years!! MOST OF YOU who know us, know Bethesda. And MANY of you have already given to Bethesda in times past!! THANK YOU!!!!THIS POST IS QUITE URGENT & SERIOUS this is why we are asking again for


We met Ruth, the founder, in 2003 and our hearts were stirred that very day for Africa. We were so impacted by the love and care that Bethesda was giving to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda. They established foster families where the children were cared for by aunties, uncles, papa's and mama's. The children were confident, proud of their families, and full of love!!Never before had we seen such joy in an "orphanage", but that's because Ruth didn't found an orphanage, she established a community. Ruth's desire was for the children to raised in a traditional "African" way which is within a family. This is how Africa has always been but due to poverty, AIDS, and war, families have been broken leaving thousands of children to fend for themselves.

Bethesda has been serving children for over 11 years now, and despite the fact that Ruth Muga, the founder died unexpectantly, they continue in their service to children providing education, medical care, spiritual discipleship, and love. Unfortunately, in the last 2 years Bethesda International has suffered from a loss of support due to constraints on their donors in the States and elsewhere. When Ruth passed away in the fall of 2008, even more of their support had been cutoff leaving them in a financial crisis. They have 357 children in their care from nursery to University level, and all of them are suffering due to lack of money for school fees and basic needs.
They are faced with an immense challenge of paying for hundreds of children's school fees for the next term as well as paying the current debts and feeding all the kids!! They also have over 200 children attending their Rapha community school with 55 of the kids being in foster care at Rapha and in need of food. On top of this, the teachers at Rapha have gone without salary for the last 5 months. SO.....those of us partnered with Bethesda/Rapha School, (HopeChest being one of org. partnered with them) are running an emergency fundraiser! We need to raise about $18,000 to cover all the costs of school fees next term, food, care, medical care and long overdue debts!! These children will not return to school next term unless something is done!

They are in a real crisis !

The Bethesda children need us to...


How many of us have received the LOVE from a friend, family member, NGO, or employer when we really needed it? It may not have been financial love but I am sure we've all been blessed by someone at some point in our lives beyond our expectations. I know I have, many times and all we can do in return is SHARE THE LOVE!! This time with children in Bethesda International/RAPHA SCHOOL that need us to stand with them during this difficult time of transition and financial hardship. Join us this week and send others to my blog or Tom Davis's Blog or my friend Brandies blog as we try to spread the word and share the financial love with our Ugandan friends!!

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